Boss & Me Review

Feng Teng (Zhang Han)-the quiet and calm big boss of Feng Teng company. His sister has a rare blood type and after she gives birth she needs a blood transfusion. So, he calls in the employee that he especially hired for her blood type. Shan Shan (Zhao Zanilia) -the energetic always smiling employee of a … More Boss & Me Review

Today, I’ll Start Our Love (Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu)

What does it mean to love? The start of a new school year Hibino Tsubaki and Tsubaki meet. Hibino is an old-fashioned dresser and Kyota the popular playboy. When he teases Hibino he notices that she is different and is immediately interested in her. They become friends and start dating but can their love last? … More Today, I’ll Start Our Love (Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu)

Running Wild (야수)

Running Wild In The Gray Area of Justice A rough, short-tempered homicide detective who has lost faith in the system wants to catch a crime boss. He crosses paths with an elite prosecutor and the two clash. With the same goal to catch the bad guy they combine their strengths but when the fight becomes … More Running Wild (야수)