Today, I’ll Start Our Love / Love for Beginners (Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu)



What does it mean to love?

The start of a new school year Hibino Tsubaki (Takei Emi) and Tsubaki Kyota (Matsuzaka Tori) meet. Hibino is an old-fashioned dresser and Kyota the popular playboy. When he teases Hibino he notices that she is different and is immediately interested in her. They become friends and start dating but can their love last?

Unlike many other Japanese live-actions Today, I’ll Start Our Love didn’t end after the couple ended together. Also, they faced real life problems (unlike the usual evil ex or rival) and all of the characters in the movie grew. We get to see the couple actually learn that loving someone means sharing your life with someone, both the good and the bad things.

When you start watching a live-action there’s usually a certain way you expect the story to go. The girl is innocent and the guy is the one that goes after her like she is something to conquer. This movie actually didn’t fall into the normal routine and even followed the couple for years. Big Thumbs Up!

I wasn’t familiar with either of the main actors, but they did a good job. They weren’t over acting which usually is the problem but were believable. The main lead was very enjoyable. Although he is a playboy and does tease her in the beginning he notices the same moment that he was wrong and learns. He was my favorite character simply because he isn’t the usual jerk that we are all used to seeing but something different; a human being.

If you’re in the mood for light-hearted romance, pick this. The plot is enjoyable and the characters and story wonderful! 🙂


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