Boss & Me Review

Feng Teng (Zhang Han)-the quiet and calm big boss of Feng Teng company. His sister has a rare blood type and after she gives birth she needs a blood transfusion. So, he calls in the employee that he especially hired for her blood type.

Shan Shan (Zhao Zanilia) -the energetic always smiling employee of a big company. It is rare to see such a happy yet realistic character; she puts up this strong front to everyone, but inside she is insecure and doubtful of herself.

Can’t you just see the love between them?

As a couple Feng Teng ans Shan Shan are completely adorable. They are one of those rare drama couples that I actually think are meant for each other; that’s how good they fit together. Feng Teng adores and loves Shan Shan throughout the series. They go through serious problems together but they weren’t over done that so often happens in dramas. They talk to each other -yes! So less ridiculous misunderstandings- and support each other.They both make mistakes but they also learn from them and forgive each other for them. In the end, they stand side by side and are stronger because of it.

I liked Shan Shan. She was energetic but not in an annoying way that sometimes happens. She grows so much in the drama that it’s hard to miss. Feng Teng was cute. He is stoic -a very calm person that doesn’t show much on his face- sometimes I felt that he could have shown more, but when he was with Shan Shan it was clear that he really loved her and he let that Big Boss front go away.

Boss & Me had more than one couple that is typical to Chinese dramas. The other romance was ok, I much prefer Shan Shan and Feng Teng’s. The drama is not like the usual rich boy-poor girl drama that focuses on their differences. Boss  & Me looks at the people who are usually defined in dramas as poor and rich and tells the story of how they fall in love, learn to be with each other and grow to be strong together. As a whole, the drama was very close to being perfect.

As a final note, I’m pointing out a quote from the drama by Feng Teng;

“I think girls don’t need to make themselves too perfect. They are worthy of being loved all the same.”

Feng Teng was one of those characters that saw life and the woman he loved for what she is. She (or he) doesn’t need to be perfect to be loved. After all, no one is. There is just so much love between these characters; they love each other for who they are but still try to be better persons for the one they love the most.


3 thoughts on “Boss & Me Review

  1. boss and me which is book adaptation, i have only read fan translation of this novel. and i must admit, drama is much better than book itself. there were scenes like feng teng watching shan shan eat which is really cute. and also shan shan character was developed in a beautiful way. and last proposal was perfect. They are meant to be together


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