Mr. Socrates (미스터 소크라테스)

“A law is a law, however undesirable it may be.”

Ku Dong Hyuk (Kim Rae Won) lives his life as a lowly scumbag. Then one day his gang kidnaps him and trains him by making him go to school. To a gangster that never finished high school this is a big challenge. One day the gangs motive is revealed: they want him to become a police officer.

The story is something fresh and unexpected. The whole film is beautifully filmed and it never gets boring. This movie has it all; action, comedy and crime all in a perfect package. I cannot over praise this movie.

Oh, Kim Rae Won. You were perfect. Personally, I don’t follow his works closely but I have seen some of his other movies like My Little Bride and Gangnam 1970, and I loved them both. So I’m not surprised he did such a different but well played role in this movie as well. He always has a way to immerse himself in his role so much that I didn’t even recognize him at first.

The other actors do a wonderful job too. There is nothing bad to say about them either, but Rae Won as Dong Hyuk just stole my heart with his I don’t give a sh*t -attitude and that powerful stare of his that is both dead and alive at the same time!

Just look at him. There is no one else who could have pulled of this role.

I guess it is clear that I loved this movie. The acting, plot and everything in between was perfectly fit together and it made a movie that should be called a classic. And don’t be mistaken by the rather gloomy feeling you may get from the pictures, the movie has laughs in it for you.

I cannot think of anything else negative about this movie other than I think that it ended too quickly, but that is always the case when you enjoy something so much that you just don’t want it to end. 🙂


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