Sweet Sweet Bodyguard Review

It really is sweet.

When Ai Jia (Meng Summer) suddenly becomes a bodyguard for He Zhong Qi (Huang Alien), they don’t get a long too well. In the end they fall in love and get together.

The other couple that the drama closely follows is Du Cai Jie (Yuan Phoebe) and Zheng Ya Lun (Li Li Ren). Cai Jie is a car saleswoman at Zhong Qi’s company and a good friend of Ai Jia. She is also a little money crazy. Zheng Ya Lun is a doctor and as turns out later in the drama Zhong Qi’s brother (because rich men always have sons out-of-wedlock and what is a drama without a birth secret, right?!)

I liked the second couple (Cai Jie & Ya Lun) a lot more. Their romance is more real and not so overly done.

(prepare yourself there’s a lot to come, but if you don’t like SPOILERS and are thinking of watching the series skip to the end)

Because this is a long drama, 82 episodes long, the writers have put every cliché possible into this drama. Adopted sons, laying girlfriends, pregnancies, birth secrets, sicknesses, accidents, kidnapping etc. I could go on… It is so cliché that it offers nothing new  and you can guess what is going to happen next. Here’s my view on some of them:

the romance (once it actually starts between Ai Jia and Zhong Qi -come one who takes over 60 episodes to get together?!!) is SICKENLY sweet. It is too sweet. I had to skip some parts. Also, I actually thought at one point they weren’t even the main couple in this drama. There is just so much of extra stuff crammed into it that there’s really no way to tell….

the actual kidnapping and stalker that was the reason for Ai Jia to be even close to Zhong Qi is just plain ridiculous. It is not scary, the reason behind it is stupid and even the ending was ——. I just don’t have words for it that’s how unreasonable it was. -_-

Ok, I need to take a few breaths to calm myself before I continue…..

The family of Zhong Qi. What should I say? Every single one of them puts their nose into things that don’t have anything to do with them and they are never separate. Seriously, someone has a fight with their lover so why not discuss it together with even our family friends sitting here and supporting you. WHAT IS THIS? Nobody does this. I found it so disturbing I skipped the scenes.

And how about the “mother”? Don’t get me even started. She is even worse than Jun Pyo’s mom. Move over and make way for the worst in-law (or mother) you could ever think of.

Public enemy number 1.

She is horrible. First she wants her son Zhong Qi (who is actually not their biological son) to get married to her sister (that is actually their biological daughter) so that when Zhong Qi inherits the company they (her and her daughter) are “not left with nothing.” At first they have no romantic interest in each other but under her mothers pressure her sister actually starts to desperately to get married with her brother. Firstly, WHAT? You have lived you entire life loving him as a brother but as your mom starts telling you that you love him you actually fall in love with him?!?! Where is the logic in this?

So, she is desperate to marry her brother but what to do when he sees her only as a sister? Of course as a mom to them both I have to force them to be together. After she finally gives up on this delusion of hers she finds out about her husbands other son who is of course also a threat to her…

When you finally start to think that things are going to go better she decides that no one appreciates her and runs away. I mean THIS WOMAN IS NEVER HAPPY. Do I have to mention that she hates Ai Jia and doesn’t want them to be together at all? Well, she doesn’t.

I think this woman is the worst drama mama you could have, because she is never happy. She is controlling, manipulates people around her and pretends to be nice all the time.

Ending —– What should I even say. I saw it coming and by that time I was just so tired and unhappy with this series that I just gave up and decided to be happy that this particular nightmare was over.


It took me forever to finish this drama due to the reasons I mentioned above (and many more) and I actually even dropped it twice. Still I watched it and I can say that I honestly regret it. I don’t have a lot of dramas that I regret watching but this is definitely one.

My advice is that if you can avoid this drama then please do so. Do not waste over 61 hours (yes, I counted how much time I wasted) on this.

Please, tell my your thoughts about this nightmare (or if you liked it then why you liked it) on the comments.


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