Campus Confidential

Fall in love with me!

Campus confidential has a very basic rom-com plot line; if two people meet at Lake Chrysanthemum when the lake has dried up, they are destined to fall in love and stay together forever. But what happens when the school’s most popular lady (Chen Ivy) and a geek (Chen Bo Lin) are the one that meet?

The plot is nothing that we have not seen before and even though the end has a plot twist that you won’t be able to guess. It is a nice movie if you have time in your hands and you want something easy to watch. Chen Bo Lin is this movie’s strongest point. He plays the geek so well that even though I knew it was him from the beginning I didn’t believe my eyes.

Chen Bo Lin was good but his character and especially the female lead were very basic -there was no depth in their characters. From the beginning the schools goddess hates geeks, and that’s it. Then when she is put together with the geek she does everything that she can to get rid of him. She goes to the point that it is bullying and he just takes it. It will make you feel disgusted and sad. Although I disliked her she was ok in some scenes. She is a controversial character; she is bad but sometimes not. The geeks were good but very stereotypical.

Mostly I liked the endings plot twist but it did feel a little rushed like at the end of filming they realized that they needed to add something to make this film stand out.

As a whole the movie was ok. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good.


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