Currently Watching: The Rose

A whole family suffering from lack of love.

I started watching this oldie (it’s from 2003) because I found it by chance but so far it is looking good.

This Taiwanese series has 26 episodes that are about an hour-long. I’m now in episode 6 and I’ll tell you my thoughts so far and why you should watch this too.

The Plot is something different: Bai He’s grandmother dies and leaves behind a note that she should go live with her famous actress mother who abandoned her when she was little. Her mother has 3 other children that are all with different men. Jin, Kui and Fu Rong. The drama follows how the siblings interact and live with it each other. We see how they learn to accept each other and how love other than simply between siblings blooms between them.

Zheng Bai He (Chen Ella)

Bai He is the new addition to the family. At first her siblings don’t like her but slowly she starts melting their hearts and they start to accept each other.

As a character Bai He is always described as fat and ugly. I don’t like the fact that they just put her into that mold and use that to characterize her. She has other sides too and it is not fair to anyone to be called fat and ugly all the time. Luckily, as her relationship starts changing with her new family they also stop criticizing her by her outward appearance.

What I like about her is that she is not overly pushy or sensitive like some female leads. She is her own person.

Now let’s look at her new siblings. They look kind of scary in the beginning but what I like the most about this drama are the characters -they are all so human.

Han Jin (Huang Jerry)

He is going to be Bai He’s love interest in this drama. He is the son of their mom and an american man. He has blue eyes and does look quite like a foreigner. He uses sunglasses to hide his blue eyes to avoid looks from others.

In the beginning he doesn’t like Bai He but warms up to her quickly and becomes a protective big brother to her. Too bad that Bai He has some trouble thinking of him as a brother… I’m looking forward to seeing how their relationship will develop.

Han Kui (Cheng Joe)

Kui is definitely my favourite character. Played by the known Cheng Joe he is often mistaken as a girl because of his long hair. He has a temper and loves to tease his sister Bai He.

Out of all the characters the relationship between Kui and Bai He warms my heart the most. They are like real siblings: they fight and tease each other but they love each other. They support each other and give each other hugs and kisses. They are adorable together.

Like all of the sibling Kui is lonely and so he loves to get all of the attention from his half-brother or sister. He is just plain adorable in his demandfulness!

Han Fu Rong (Lu Joelle)

She is a dependable and wise sister to Bai He. She talks with her and gives her advice in all things.

So why should you watch this?

All of the half siblings are warm characters that only have each other to depend on as their mother fails at being any kind of mother figure to them. They are all filled with loneliness and support and are open with each other.

This drama has fun moments but its strongest point is how the siblings are all human with their own problems but how they can come together.


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