Marrying School Girl (여고생 시집가기)

Silly but sweet feel-good-movie.

Pyungang receives a fortune as a baby that she is haunted by the princess Pyungang who loved Ondal deeply but was separated from him by death. Now she must find and marry her Ondal before her 16th birthday or she will day. Soon, a new transfer student arrives carrying the name of Ondal.

Marrying School Girl has on original plot and is ideal for you if you’re in the mood for a feel-good romcom. The plot is never serious and the movie has fun moments that are sure to make you laugh.

Image result for 여고생 시집가기

The acting was good and the movie was a joy to watch. I think the lead lady was especially beautiful. It’s too bad that she hasn’t done more movies or dramas…

I liked the ending. Usually I love the scenes where they show us the couple after a couple of years and I wasn’t disappointed this time either. As a whole I liked the movie and recommend it strongly if you want something not so serious to cheer up your day!


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