Best Music Videos for Halloween!

K-pop music videos are usually filled dancing and bright colors, but as it is time for Halloween, let’s look at some music videos that have a more scarier mv to them but are still good songs.

This is just my personal list and although the lyrics are not scary in the songs the videos can be considered scary in a kpop scale.

History – Psycho (싸이코)

This is my favorite from this list. When you say scary or creepy mv, this would probably be my first choice. Also, the lyrics are fitting; the “love” story of a guy that just can’t let go of a girl to the point of being a stalker.

History boys play psycho’s and do it very convincingly. The beginning of the mv, shot in black and white, always sends chills down my spine! The story is (is it wrong to say beautiful? Well, at least it is beautifully scary), beautifully filmed and brought to life.

Vixx – Voodoo Doll (저주인형)

Vixx is well-known to have a darker tone to their mv but I picked Voodoo Doll for this list since it does have some scary imagery to it. Cutting flesh, needles, voodoo dolls, but let’s not forget synchronized choreography.

Rap Monster – 농담 (Joke)

A scary beat and a mental hospital. ‘Nough said.

Still a very good song.

Cross Gene – 나하고 놀자 (Play with Me)

Another mv with an asylum as its background. Not as scary as Joke but still a good mv and song.

Gain – Fxxk U ft. Bumkey

A whole different kind of scary here. A very abusive relationship with a bad ending.

I have to give hand to Gain for going with this mv because it’s realistic and doesn’t try to hide anything.

G-Dragon – She’s Gone

GD once again proves that he can make anything work. The mv shows GD as a very creepy guy who chases after a girl in a maze. And well, like you probably guessed it has a bloody ending.

John Park – U

The combination of his deep voice and a scary beat with crazy stalking make this a mv right for Halloween!

Beast – Shadow (그림자)

Snakes, spiders, creepy shadows and an extremely good song! The dancers in the song are dark but beautiful at the same time. A beautiful mv.

Epik High – Fan

Mv about a kidnapping, hostage, and obsession.

Block B – Jackpot

Block B is another group that has a certain style to their music videos. I don’t think there is a crime that these guys haven’t done in their videos. The beginning of this mv is scary! If you’re scared of clowns this is not for you!

Like its said in the beginning of the mv, “These oppas are weird!”

What do you think are the scariest music videos?


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