Close Range Love (Kinkyori Renai)

A twisted teacher-student relationship.

Let me start with saying that I love watching teacher-student romances but this was the worst out of them all. Let me tell you why, bear with me.

Kurugi is a top student who excels in everything, except English. Haruka is a new English teacher who every girl in the school adores. Haruka then makes Kurugi receive extra tutoring. She then falls in love with him and confesses.

The story is fast to move on and if you’re a fan of Yamapi (Nobuta Wo Produce) you might want to check this out. Like I said, I love teacher-student movies and dramas and have watched pretty much every single one I could find but during this film was the first time I ever felt sick. Physically sick. I couldn’t feel the love between them at all and instead it just felt like Haruka thought of Kurugi (the student) as a charity project or a reflection of his dad.

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Kurugi is a complex character in a way and in a way, way too simple. Her problem is that she never smiles, cries or shows any emotion. I cannot fathom what these two see in each other, again I go back to the fact that he just thinks of her as a reflection of his dad that killed himself. But as the relationship goes on I think that she should show some development in her character, however that is not the case with her.

The relationship between these two is simply not healthy. When Haruka says that “I will definitely give you a reason to smile.” I feel that he is just trying to help a child. I’m all for helping her but don’t get married because of that! And in more than one way Kurugi is only a child, she is not capable of making and keeping any other human relationships, even friendship, and has only a pin that looks like a cat to interact with.

I think that Yamapi’s (the teacher’s) acting was pretty good. Still, I think that this film was ruined more because of the bad script and not the actors and actress’ inability to act.

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The ending is a very commonly used thing in dramaland; one of them leaves to go somewhere, the most common thing is studying, just like here, and then comes back. And here we have a touching reunion. That was not the case here. Just like the other moments in this movie I felt that the ending was bad. Maybe even ridiculous.

So, as a summary, this was the worst teacher student movie I have ever seen, and so I cannot recommend it with a clear conscience, but it does have some good points if you can see them. 🙂


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