Monster (몬스터)

A girl appears at Bok Sun’s house. She has run away from a cold-blooded psychopath named Tae Soo. Now, Tae Soo goes after them. Can they escape?

The story is refreshing. I can’t say it’s something completely new but it wasn’t repetitive nor did it copy some other movie. Still what was best about this movie was its acting.

Lee Min Ki (Spellbound, Shut Up: Flower Boy Band) was absolutely captivating. He played Tae Soo a psychopath that wanted attention from his family but at the same hand was able to kill anyone without blinking or thinking twice about it. Like all good psychopaths (and serial killers) he reserved a memory from each of his victims. He did it in a creative and unique way (I’m not going to tell how, you need to watch the movie to know!). He was definitely the best thing in this movie. The way he acted as Tae Soo was so real that I was almost scared myself.

Just look into those eyes and tell me that this man wasn’t made for this role. I’m getting chills here.

Now about Bok Sun. I found her character good at first but then she started acting too much like a child. I think that she was supposed to be handicapped but she came off as weird. The fights she had with the little girl were annoying. Still, she did have good scenes -mostly with Tae Soo.

I liked this movie. I like psychopath movies and try to watch every single one I can find. There was something about Tae Soo that I really liked. Big thumbs up for Lee Min Ki for making him come alive so perfectly. His scenes were just perfectly made. The filming was beautiful, and he was great in his role.

If I should find one fault in this movie I would put more light in the last fight scene! Still, as I’m thinking about this movie now, I’m getting chills and a smile…


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