Sassy Go Go! (발칙하게 고고) Review

Sassy Go Go was set in a very competitive high school where grades are everything. The drama followed the lives of Dance Club Real King students (the very worst students by grades in the school) and the White Tigers (the top students of the school) after they were made to join a cheerleading club. They need to learn to work together, help each other and in the way to the cheerleading competition they find love and heal each others many wounds.

Looks like a very typical feel-good drama. Just the type that I usually avoid. Still I read another description of this drama online before starting to watch this and in the end I don’t regret watching this. The drama was not sickly sweet but it had spunk and a good idea.

About the characters…

The main lead was absolutely adorable. Played by Lee Won Gun, Kim Yeol was slightly a jerk but he did it in an adorable way. There is just no way that after watching him you won’t feel the same. He was the school’s top student and always had an answer or a solution to everything.

His chemistry with the female lead was good but above that I think that him and his bromance -especially the way took care of each other- was priceless.

The bromance.

The female lead Kang Yeon Doo (Jung Eun Ji) was a sassy girl who always, I do mean always, stood up for her friends. She was mostly not annoying, but when we got to the end, I thought that she could do something other than just worry about everyone else.

The bad guy of the drama was Kwon Soo Ah. She was another student but the reason that made her a bad guy was her mother. She pushes her to be the number one and ultimately leads her into stealing the test answers and blaming someone else, pushing people down the stairs, slapping people, lying, etc. She was not a character one would like.

Then, miraculously, in the last episode she experiences a change of heart after everyone else in the cheerleading club sends her videos of how she should come back.

And this is the point where we arrive to my problems with this show.

From episode one to halfway of episode eleven everything was fine. I was enjoying this show immensely. It had the balance between serious topics (like parental abuse) and humor and eye candy (Kim Yeol). Then when arrived at the end and they realized that they had to fit the competition, Kwon Soo Ah’s change of heart and the relationship troubles of Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo in to the last episode. They didn’t have time to maintain the lightness of the drama and go trough everything in one episode and so they left it halfway.

After Kwon Soo Ah’s change the drama became a horrible example of what a youth / school drama can be. We had sickenly sweet lines of friendship and troubles during our youth. That just ruined the drama for me. Of course we had those things in the earlier episodes too, but they were done in modesty.

Like all dramas this one had its problems and its good points. I would still recommend this drama just because of Kim Yeol. His character was just adorable and the way he interacted with the other characters was realistic and fun to watch. He was not an overly done jerk but a guy who knew what was right, who he liked and he acted that way.


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