Noble, My Love (고결한 그대)

A chaebol drama in 15 minutes.

Noble, My Love is a short drama about a CEO (Sung Hoon) and a veterinarian (Kim Jae Kyung) who meet in thunder and their relationship.

The story is nothing new to those who have been in dramaland for a while. Personally, I love chaebol dramas, and this was a typical one but in short 15 minute episodes. The episodes don’t feel too short; they’re just the right length and very enjoyable.

Sung Hoon plays the charismatic chaebol Lee Kang Hoon. He is stalkerish, obsessive and wants the his lady’s attention all on him. All usual chaebol characteristics but his character takes it a little farther. Not too much, but still I can see the difference between him and other chaebols.

Like usual, he falls for a girl different from him, but that’s not really the main point in this drama. The difference’s are not stressed. The more he learns about her the more he likes her. He accepts her and even secretly likes the way she bosses him around.

Cha Yoon Seo is a vet with a sharp mouth when she needs it. She did a pretty good job but sometimes I felt that her expressions were a little forced. It got better towards the end (or I accepted the fact that, that was how she was. Don’t know which…)

In the beginning we start with the premise of a hate relationship but it changes very quickly, and to be honest, Kang Hoon never hated her, he became interested in her immediately, it’s just that being a chaebol he had a very eccentric way of expressing it…. Then as we get further we see the extremely cute scenes between the couple that I just love. And a huge plus to this drama for not having an annoying ex that took screen time from our cute couple!!

The drama is a bundle of clichés wrapped up cutely that I think everyone who has seen and liked a chaebol drama before will enjoy.


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