Currently Watching: All About My Romance (내 연애의 모든 것)

Is love across party lines possible?

We have Kim Soo Young (Shin Ha Kyun) who’s a newly elected member to the national assembly. He is a member of the conservative party. No Min Young (Lee Min Jung) is a member of a progressive party, which only has two members in the national assembly. The two become involved in many tangled situations together. They begin to have feelings for each other, but can they cross the harsh political party lines together?

“A political drama is not fun”, said no one who saw this!

Kim Soo Young is an assembly man who hates politics. He loses his nerves often as he can’t stand his party. He is known as a wild cannon and has many nicknames from the press.

He is an assemblyman you will find hard to take seriously. Whatever he does, I find myself laughing my butt off, and so will you. And I have to mention that I just adore his hair… He looks so cute with it.

Kim Soo Young is the best character in this drama! His facial expressions and reactions, the way he loses his nerves and starts rambling are adorable. He wonders about all things but politics and as he falls for No Min Young his smiles and attempts to get her attention have me melting.

No Min Young is a progressive lady who doesn’t fear confrontation. She acts first and asks questions later. This mostly leads to incidents between her and the leading man. She  kisses his bare chest, hits him with a fire extinguisher, etc. Still, they fall in love, and I have to say I find them adorable together so far.

Here’s a little bit of the other characters in this drama. I don’t usually go write about them but I think that these characters deserve attention.

Gong Hyung Jin depicts another member of the conservative party. He is one of those characters who is made to seem like a bad guy but at the same time he is not. He brings more comical moments into the drama with his slips and scandals with the press and his past (and maybe future..?) romance with the second member of the progressive party (picture below).

These two have history together as Gong Hyung Jin’s character confessed to her when they were young, but he got shot down! This remained as a scar, and a love, through all the years. She is his noona, and I love noona romances. I hope they go on with this love line, as I do find it cute and funny!

Like I said the drama is in the political world but you can’t call the drama’s politics real politics.

We see the different parties camp  and play games at the assembly. They play games and lie to the press, and this whole aspect is done carefully and hilariously throughout the episodes!!

Love, Love, Love the way this is all depicted in the drama!

The main leads are doing a wonderful job separately and together. The second leads, their love rivals, are not stressed in the drama but they do exist.

Reporter Ahn: “When you say those biting words and act like such a jerk to me like that… that’s when you are the most attractive to me.”
Kim Soo Young: “You like it when I act like a jerk?”
Reporter Ahn: “Yeah. It really makes me hot.”
Kim Soo Young: “What if I treat you well?”
Reporter Ahn: “It makes my body melt.”

Reporter Ahn is after Kim Soo Young but he doesn’t blink an eye towards her. I believe that this quote is all of us who are weak towards the jerk-like main leads in dramas. These lines had me laughing! 🙂

If I didn’t manage to convince to watch this, watch it anyway! You won’t regret it! Here’s the first leads’ first kiss as an extra gift…




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