The Sexiest MV Choreographies – Female Edition

Like the title says here’s my Top 5 for the sexiest mv choreographies in kpop from the ladies.

You can find the Male Edition here!

EXID – 아예 (Ah Yeah)

Not a necessarily overly sexy mv, which is why I didn’t count it in on the my Top5, but I added it on the list as first because of the good point they make in their mv.

On their previous release EXID was banned and they were forced to change the choreography in order to perform their song. Now with the Ah Yeah mv they poke at the sometimes ridiculous censorship in Korea by blurring sometimes the most random things in their mv.

Points for EXID!

Let’s start the actual list!

5. D.Holic – 쫄깃쫄깃 (Chewy)

The girls sing about their R-rated love that makes them…. How should I say it… hot?

The 15 rated mv has tiny animal print pants, swimsuits and dancing. The lyrics are insinuating but not too bad.

4. Stellar – Marionette (마리오네트)

A song about being dragged around by a guy and not being able to get rid of him.

The mv was rated 19 most likely because of its mixture of butt thrusting with wearing as little as possible…

3. Hello Venus – Wiggle Wiggle (위글위글)

The lyrics are about shaking your butt to the left and right and lets just say that the mv is about moving your butt too.

The mv was rated 19, but again not the hottest mv of the year.

2. Hyuna – 잘나가서 그래 (Because I’m the Best), Roll Deep

A highly addicting song with a sexy mv.

Hyuna’s dance with her backup dancers and the whip definitely earns her spot two on this list.

And number one is most likely not a surprise.

1. Gain – Paradise Lost

Gain’s Paradise Lost deserves the first place on this list not simply because of the choreography but also because of the music.
From beginning to end the song is addicting and the mv is simply beautiful with its Gothic elements. Without forgetting the extremely provocative choreography that earned Gain some negative comments from the netizens who thought that she had gone too far with it.

Probably not a surprise that Paradise Lost was banned on 3 channels in Korea, but I still think that Gain did a wonderful job.

Her choreography is made for the 1st place, with her tight outfits, wide spread legs and the ton of naked men in it.


I had trouble finding the right mv’s for my list, I had the top 2 clear in my head but the others I had difficulty deciding which videos filled my criteria. Kpop is filled with great mv’s and choreographies but I wanted to pick out the ones that made my eyes pop the first time I saw them. There were many more choices but in the end I picked these.

What do you think are the sexiest mv’s in kpop?

And stay tuned for the male version that is coming soon!!


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