Currently Watching: Heart to Heart (하트 투 하트)

I ❤ you, Heart to Heart.

Cha Hong Do blushes severely when looked at. That made her develop social phobia. She meets the psychiatrist Ko Yi Seok after she decides to seek help so that she can date her crush Jang Doo Soo who is a police officer. Seeking help from Ko Yi Seok doesn’t go as planned when the two fall in love…


Meet Ko Yi Seok, the worst psychiatric you could ever meet. Played by the adorable Chun Jung Myung (What’s Up Fox?), his looks are the sweetest thing about him. He is a jerk to everyone; his girlfriend, friends, and patients. He gets caught drinking while treating a patient and thus has to accept work ‘beneath’ him.

He forces Cha Hong Do to go around without her helmet, shouts at her and well, basically is the worst doctor imaginable. His “method” of treatment only works with Cha Hong Do; she soon learns to be comfortable around him. Still, he has to have her around him without a clear reason and thus the romance begins…

The two are adorable together even when they’re fighting.

Choi Kang Hee (Protect the Boss) plays Cha Hong Do who suffers from social phobia. She goes around town wearing a helmet. The best (and worst…?)  time of her life begins after she meets Ko Yi Seok.

Detective Jang is brought to life by Lee Jae Yoon (Cruel City). Det. Jang is a nice and understanding man. His just that nice of a man that I can’t think of anything to write about him. He is calm and well… You’ll know after you watch this!

So Hee (an ex Wonder Girls member) playes Ko Yi Seok’s little sister. She is an aspiring actor who goes after Det. Jang. Like I guessed, we have lots of romance in this drama!

So what’s best about this drama?

Absolutely Ko Yi Seok and his chemistry with Cha Hong Do. They are a couple that I wouldn’t have guessed out to be from the beginning. They are different but at the same time they belong together.

Ko Yi Seok is the only one that can make Cha Hong Do act and live like a normal human being and while he is helping her, she is healing him in return. Gotta love symbiosis. ❤

The couples moments together steal your attention from the beginning. Their conversations and fights are real and not over done. Also, what is more to this series, we have quite a bit of skin ship and initiative taken by the woman in their relationship, which I’m sure everyone knows is not very common in Asian dramas.

To prove my point;

Join me in watching (well, actually I’m re-watching but you get the point…) this wonderful drama!


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