She Was Pretty (그녀는 예뻤다) Review

She Was Pretty has finished airing, so let’s look at what made it good and where it failed.

If you haven’t watched it yet read the Currently Watching article here.

The drama with Siwon in it. ❤

Well, everyone knows the plot but here’s a recap; Kim Hye Jin was pretty. She lost her looks. Ji Seong Jun was chubby, he got handsome as he got older. They were each other’s first loves, now they meet again, but Hye Jin makes her beautiful pretend to be her. Her friend falls for Seong Jun too, and Hye Jin’s co-worker falls for her.

So what to say about She Was Pretty… I was watching it as it aired, and I wasn’t thrilled with it. It is a basic romcom that offers us nothing new. Still, I watched it till the end for two reasons.

  1. Siwon. Pure and simple. I already gushed about him in the CW article but get ready for more!
  2.  I had already started it and since it wasn’t so bad to make me pull my hair out I had to finish it.

First, Hwang Jung Eum as Kim Hye Jin. Not bad, not good…

I was a huge fan of Kill Me, Heal Me and here I noticed similarities in the way her characters acted… I don’t think they were similar so maybe it’s just her..? For example, I did not like the way her voice lowered and she got all “fake serious” (if I can call it that) sometimes when she spoke…

I’m nitpicking, I know…

If there ever was a Korean man who was not made to act as a jerk, I see Park Seo Joon as one. Don’t get me wrong, he was not bad, it’s just that it is a role that does not fit this man at all. Me, the jerk-loving drama addict didn’t fall in love with one……………. What has gone wrong in this world for this to happen?!?!

I pondered on the reason why this might have happened. I ended up with the conclusion that since all the dramas I have seen Park Seo Joon before he was a nice guy and still got the girl. So, maybe I was just waiting for him to melt my heart and be nice to everyone.

So, no melted hearts here for Ji Seong Jun here. He was not all bad; I always enjoy the moments when the main lead starts falling for the lady and just wants to do something for her. Here, the lingering looks and onion were a good example.

We had Go Joon Hee play Hye Jin’s friend Min Ha Ri. I think the picture depicts my feelings for her quite well. For most of the drama I was pretty confused. Firstly, she has been friends with Hye Jin for all her life, naturally, they had a good relationship. Then she pretends to be her and she falls in love with her best friends first love. I don’t think this was so bad, but as Hye Jin falls for him too and he falls for the real Hye Jin too, AND she still pretends to be her, then I started to have a problem.

The problem grew and grew as the episodes just kept coming without the big reveal. When we finally got to the point where the cat was out of the bag, I was so frustrated and tired that I just couldn’t get excited anymore…

Now after the revelation we have sweet love and heart break. And. Then. Hye. Jin. Goes. And. And. I can’t even bring myself to say it.

We have  the typical I can’t hurt anybody by being with you. I almost cried.

And tears bring me to…

…you Siwon. Or Kim Shin Hyeok.

Oh what to say about you my love? I can’t think of anything negative except that you didn’t get the girl! 😦

Shin Hyeok was just adorable. I don’t think there is any other word to describe him. The way he acted had me squealing every time he appeared and I admit that I still smile when I think about him…

Siwon you melt my heart. The way he just loved Hye Jin, and the way he liked her not as a woman but as a person was just heart melting.

Siwon also released a wonderful song for the OST:

It’s Only You, Siwon ❤

I just loved all the jokes and pranks he pulled around the office and on Hye Jin!

I have to admit that I liked him with his beard more than after when he shaved it off for the “revelation” (not) that he was Ten.

She Was Pretty had one big surprise in store for me. This was the first time I got to experience second lead syndrome. Shock. I have watched a hundred dramas but Siwon was the first second lead to make me root for him!! Well, I did root for Shin Se Gi on Kill Me, Heal Me but unfortunately he was a personality so I count Siwon as the first.

Then about the ending.

Well like I read online, it was not an ending made to surprise anyone. Because of the dramas huge popularity the ending was something that was made to please everyone (except those who suffered from second lead syndrome like me). Still why do the writers always have to make someone leave??

I also kept waiting for the news of their dating hitting the office but all we got was 5 seconds of amazement. Disappointment here.

Are you ready to have your hearts crushed. Our darling Siwon has left us to serve his mandatory military service. This was the main reason why the drama did not get extended and although I’m sad about Siwon enlisting I’m happy that the drama did not get extended…

Don’t worry, we will wait for you!

If your withdrawals from Shin Hyeok get too bad, check out King of Dramas where Siwon plays an actor with a similar personality! ❤

What were your favorite moments and characters from this drama?

What would you change?


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