I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK (싸이보그지만 괜찮아)

You don’t need to be in your right mind to love.

Set in a mental hospital the movie’s main characters are Yoong Goon and Il Soon. Yoong Goon thinks she is a cyborg and was sent to the hospital because she attached herself to a socket. Il Soon fears disappearing to a small dot but is an excellent thief. The two start interacting and sparks fly.

I like the unusual setting of this movie. All of the characters have some sort of mental disability, each odder than the other. We have a habitual apologizer, a humble man who always walks back wards and more. What made the movie touching was the love between Yoong Goon and Il Soon. The way he healed her was heart warming.

The story is exceptional. All the characters are flawed but enrich the story in their own way. Still the best aspect of it was the care Il Soon showed Yoong Goon. She was so deep in her delusion of being a cyborg that she didn’t even eat. Then we have Il Soon who manages to convince her that he installed a device that makes her able to eat.

The way a tear rolled down his cheek just made this moment so fragile. She trusts him and that made him able to help her to live.

The simplicity of eating has never been more difficult. There is no way to describe the beautiful relationship these two have in words: it’s something that everyone needs to experience for themselves.

We had Rain as Il Soon and Im Su Jeong as Yoong Goon. While I found Im Su Jeong’s blond eyebrows a little disturbing I think Rain out shone everyone. I have never been a fan of him. That ship sailed when I watched My Lovely Girl. That drama is one of the worst I have ever seen, the romance in it is non existent and both of the lead characters are horrible. I don’t even want to talk about this, I’m still so sad about the hours I wasted on it…

But, here Rain was perfect. His character was funny and cute, not to mention this adorable hair cut that fit his character so well.

I don’t think (and it was implied) in the movie that his character was as ill as other people in the hospital were. He had his hard moments and he was definitely not normal, but his view on life and the way he showed care towards Yoong Goon made me think that he was able to understand more about why everyone was like they were.

So no complaints on the acting at all, I think they all did a wonderful job here.

I have to say that I was insecure about watching this movie (again I’m looking at you My Lovely Girl. You ruined Rain for me!!) but now that I have I have no regrets. The story, acting and characters were all so beautiful that I can recommend this movie without a second thought. The distinctive moments between the main couple are what sealed the deal and made this movie one of a kind.

Maybe love is all about accepting the other person and their delusions like this couple did.


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