Spellbound (오싹한 연애)


Chilling love.

Yoo Ri (Son Ye Jin) has seen ghosts after she died for a while when she was young. When they appear, strange things happen to the people closest to her. Now she lives isolated from the world and her friends. Jo Goo (Lee Min Ki) is a magician who has a horror themed act. He approaches Yoo Ri and the two start to fall in love. Can Jo Goo be brave enough to love her?

The movie is funny, touching and a little bit scary. The story is a romantic and fun with a twist. Even though there are lots of Korean Dramas and movies that involve ghost and ghost seeing people, but I think this stands out from the crowd. The couple is cute together and the fact that Jo Goo is a scaredy-cat but braces himself for the woman he loves is touching.

Lee Min Ki doesn’t disappoint as Jo Goo. I’ve seen some of his works but yet again he manages to surprise me. He was so different as Jo Goo than he was in any of his other roles that I didn’t even recognize him. He is a top-notch actor. Son Ye Jin (Personal Taste) is a woman who’s brave and yet fragile. At the same time she is afraid of the ghosts she is seeing and not afraid. She is a lonely soul that just wants to feel the warmth of another person.

I have to say that even though it was my second time watching this I was still laughing and jumping up scared at the ghosts. The movie has funny scenes -mostly from Jo Goo- that I loved. Also, I would love to see the his actual magic show!! He seriously had a killer idea with the ghost and the music in those magic scenes just finished the picture to an eerie one.

The antics of Jo Goo had me laughing.

If I would change anything about the movies is that I would make it longer. We don’t get to see the couple as a couple for as long as I would’ve liked. If they would’ve added a couple of scenes of their life together the movie would have been close to being perfect. I would’ve loved to see Jo Goo be scared but still happy with his life with Yoo Ri.


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