Currently Watching: From Five to Nine


A Buddhist monk falls in love with a teacher.

Sakuraba Junko (Ishihara Satomi) is an English teacher at a language school. She dreams of working in New York. She attends a funeral and because of the numbness on her legs she falls and pushes ashes on the monk  present. Later, her family sets her up. To her shock he is the same monk, Hoshikawa Takane (Yamapi), she met before. He starts pursuing her.

Yamapi playes Hoshikawa Takane. He is a serious man who doesn’t show many emotions, but takes his responsibility for his family’s temple and pursuing his love seriously.

When he meets Sakuraba Junko he falls in love with her right away. He tirelessly starts pursuing her, not giving up despite her many refusals and his grandmother’s objection. He is inexperienced and doesn’t understand women well but he doesn’t give up on his love for Junko.

Takane spends his time doing calligraphy, reciting, and repenting (brooding) for his worldly desires towards Junko.

Ishihara Satomi playes Sakuraba Junko. Junko has a lively character. She mostly smiles and makes everyone around her fall in love with her. She isn’t taken with the idea of getting married because the only thing she wants to do is go to New York. Despite her best efforts Takane is not giving up on her.

Junko and Tanke are very different people but as a couple I think that they would be great together.

I hope that Junko would give up her fight and we would get to see the couple get together quickly, as we can already see her wavering.

The drama is not only about the main couple, but the side characters and their stories don’t get much air time. This is understandable because of the shortness of the drama. Still they manage to make their stories intriguing and the time given to them doesn’t feel too short.

I think the drama is wonderful so far. We have sweet moments between the couple and the side characters are funny (especially the BL loving co-worker). I hope that the drama will continue to be good and we get to see the couple get together soon!

You can find the review here.


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