The Sexiest MV Choreographies – Male Edition

Like last time this is a list about my top 5 sexiest MV choreographies. This is NOT my list of the sexiest boy groups, no, here I’m just looking at this particular song and choreography. It has nothing else to do with the group or artist in question.

Last time I listed my top 5 for the ladies in kpop, so now let’s look at who has the hottest moves.

Like I did with my list for the ladies, before I go on to the list I’m pointing out an amazing song that has gone through the censorship phases.

TVXQ – Mirotic (주문)

TVXQ’s Mirotic is one of my all time favorite songs. While their choreography is not the sexiest, their sound and lyrics are very sensual. Combine that with their amazing vocals and you will really become their slave.

Like I said, their song was ruled harmful to youths and that their lyrics were provocative and overly sexual. Their amazing chorus was especially receiving fire;

“You want me, you’ve fallen for me, you’re crazy for me. You can’t escape, I got you…. Under my skin.
You want me, you’ve fallen for me, you’re crazy for me. You’re my slave, I got you…. Under my skin.”

All though one can perceive the lyrics to have a sexual meaning, that can be done to almost any song. I especially don’t think that the line “I got you under my skin” is inappropriate, but to each our own. That doesn’t change the fact that the song is, without a question, sexy.


Now let’s look at the list:

5. BTS – Danger

BTS is a boy band that takes their music seriously. They always have a great beat, awesome lyrics and an amazing choreography. Danger is no exception to that rule. It’s the song that made me fall in love with them again. The way their attitude just seeps from every move (especially in the beginning and in the chorus) that makes them sexy.

4. History – Might Just Die (죽어버릴지도 몰라)

I admit that when History released the performance version for this song I was sceptical about the buzz of them revealing their abs. I still don’t think that it is worth much, I could’ve lived without it. The reason why this song is in the list is the choreography and the breathlessness of it. You have to admit that when the guys jump down at the same time (about 2:53 in the mv) and what follows catches your breath.

3. U-Kiss – Don’t Flirt

U-Kiss’ Don’t Flirt (끼부리지마) is all about flirting. The choreography is mostly a combination between a man and a woman. Their moves are simple and yet hot.

2. Tey – Dangerous

Oh yes you are Tey: a danger to my heart that skipped a beat. There is just something that I find irresistible in Tey (from the group Mr. Mr.) dancing in a fur coat without out a shirt underneath. And the hip thrusting is not a minus either….

The song in itself is addicting from the beat to the lyrics. It’s all about a man who can do anything to get the woman he wants and isn’t that hot?

1. Cross Gene – Amazing-Bad Lady

Oh. My. God. Were my first thoughts when I watched this mv. Cross Gene’s boys are just so hot that it burns you.

From the first seconds of the mv Cross Gene makes us stop breathing and they continue it through the whole mv. They thrust their hips, rub, and tease us while lying on the floor. In short, they do everything to make us breathless.

I wasn’t the only one who thought so as Cross Gene is one of the only boy groups to actually have been banned for their choreography. It was thought to be too much for non-cable TV and they were forced to change it. Lucky us, as we can still enjoy it on the mv.

What are the hottest choreographies in your opinion?

Do you agree with my list or did I miss one that makes you catch your breath?


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