The Vampire Lives Next Door (뱀파이어는 우리 옆집에 산다)


The Vampire Lives Next Door is a short film (20 min) from 2015 starring Ji Sung in the lead role. The movie is about a vampire (Ji Sung) living in a morgue. He is brought the body of a young woman.

Well, Ji Sung is awesome in his role, once again. If you have seen Kill Me, Heal Me (or anything else that Ji Sung has starred in) you know that the man can act. There is not a role that he couldn’t pull of convincingly. The story is in its simplicity touching and the film is beautifully filmed.

In these recent years there has been a lot of vampire stories, no matter which country we’re talking about. Still, The Vampire Lives Next Door is a refreshing addition to the genre we’re all used to seeing. It’s only 20 minutes long so the story doesn’t have anything extra to distract us from its point: we’re not meant to live forever nor would we be able to do so, even if we were vampires.

Ji Sung is believable and dare I say beautiful in his mental fragility in this role. His character was a mixture of loneliness and a joker, but Ji Sung managed to pull it of and leave a smile behind at least to me.

I loved the film, especially its dark colors and the way it was filmed. I have always had a weakness towards the darker but beautiful way of showing things. And this movie does it. It is not horror or anything like that, but it’s colors give it an eerie vibe. All in all, I think that the short film was good and I can recommend it whole heartedly.


2 thoughts on “The Vampire Lives Next Door (뱀파이어는 우리 옆집에 산다)

    1. You mean the meaning of his death?
      I think he died at the end because it was inevitable. He was lonely and unhappy while living alone at the morgue, and his death was a way for him to give a new life to the girl brought there.


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