Currently Watching; Bromance

A gender bender done right.

Bromance is a currently airing Taiwanese drama that I have gotten addicted to. I very rarely watch Taiwanese dramas because I find them to be repetitive and extremely slow in their plot development. However, I am extremely happy to say that Bromance is something different, it is refreshing and keeps moving forward with a steady pace.

Bromance is about Pi Ya Nuo who has been raised as a boy her whole life because of a prediction her parents received. She can only live as a woman after her 26th birthday, until then no one can know that she is a woman or her life will be in danger. One day she saves Du Zi Feng and his sister. She then becomes sworn brothers with Du Zi Feng. However they both start to develop feelings for each other, but can she tell him her feelings and the fact that she is really a woman?

Pi Ya Nuo (Lai Megan)

I have to say that I do feel a little bad for Ya Nuo for having to live her whole life as something that she is not. It does seem that she has gotten used to it so much that I doubt that she will be able to live as a woman. She has been raised a certain way her whole life and as a result she became what she is now.

She has a strong sense of justice and she believes in helping others without getting anything in return. She becomes Du Zi Feng’s sworn brother almost the first time they meet and from then on they start getting closer.

Du Zi Feng (Chen Baron)

Du Zi Feng comes from a Triad family. Still, the drama has little to none to do with the Triads (the Chinese mafia). Anyone who watches this drama can see in his expressions that he would make a perfect Mafioso.

I think he would have made a great leader for their Family.

As a person Zi Feng values loyalty and honesty above everything else. He starts to get interested in Ya Nuo from their first meet because of her character that asks for nothing in return.

Like I said Zi Feng and Ya Nuo become sworn brothers, but their relationship is always going from lovers to brothers and to close friends. I think that is what makes this drama so interesting. They always show such care for each other and get along so well.

Who knew that tying a tie would be this exciting…

Of course because Ya Nuo has to hide her identity as a woman the drama has plenty of funny moments. We have them sharing a bed, tying each others ties, giving each other towels while the other one is in the shower, going to the hot springs, etc. There is just no calm moments between these two and they continue to make me laugh in every episode.

Teaching Ya Nuo to shoot.

Brothers always share everything and fight together, no matter what.

Unfortunately for Ya Nuo, Zi Feng’s sister Du Zi Han falls in love with her (or should I say him here since no one knows that she is actually a woman?)

She is just like her brother; she refuses to give her chance at love up. Still she has to admit defeat when she believes (wrongly) that Ya Nuo is dating her brother.


Like always in Taiwanese and Chinese dramas we have the second couple that comes and steals time from the main couple.

Qing Yang is going to have a romance with Na Na.

I’m not sure how to feel about this couple. It is mostly because I just adore the main couple and I think that they are just stealing their air time! But I do find Qing Yang cute in his calm demeanour. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how their relationship is going to develop.

What I think is the best about this drama is the simple and accepting relationship Ya Nuo and Zi Feng have. They are such a perfect combination.  Their relationship or the moments that they share are not something that can be described in words. They are just so full of emotions and believe and help each other so much, that it is sometimes impossible to see them only as friends or sworn brothers.

The drama is similar to Coffee Prince in its development but it is much better. Personally I didn’t care for Coffee Prince much (I dropped for over a year before I could finish it). This drama is a gender bender done right, at least so far. I hope that the writers will continue to write funny and heart stopping moments for the couple and don’t fall for the clichés that sometimes ruin wonderful dramas.


What are your favorite moments?

Do you think that the drama is as awesome as I do?


11 thoughts on “Currently Watching; Bromance

  1. Hello, I love your blog!
    Answering your questions, I’m loving almost everything in Bromance. I’m addicted, so I watch videos from backstage, mvs; I read blogs … Never quiz both know all the information about a drama (laughs). So I think I’m enjoying it as much as you, that even created a blog to post fanfics about Baron and Megan …


  2. I just finished to watch chapter 3 and I really love the weirdness of the main couple. It is unique for me to see this kind of relationship in a drama, because they don’t have the classic love-hate relationship but they really appreciate and respect each other and that’s so cute :3.
    I personally love the bed and the shower scenes, and I like the rain scene in the roof of the building but i feel it so cheesy and dramatic by moments. .
    Also, I just read that Baron Chen is also the eldest son of a triad leader, and that got me thinking about the cast selection, because when you see how much Zi Feng suffers because of his father’s past, you can get to think that Baron Chen has suffered due to the same fact his entire life, do not you think the same unnies?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, the weirdness off the couple is what makes this drama so precious. I love the moments they have where we have Zi Feng almost finding out (such as the shower scene!) but then he doesn’t, they always have me holding my breath!
      I heard about him being a son of a triad leader just now, but doesn’t that make the drama all the more precious? It’s no miracle that he can portray Zi Feng so well. He is just adorable in the drama, right my dongsaengs? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. You think Zi Feng would make a perfect Mafioso?
    He definitely can!!
    Because Barron Chen came from a real Triad family.
    His father was like a Godfather of Taiwan.
    (More than 8000 people attended his funeral.)
    We fans like to call Barron as 少爺(shao ye), which means Young Master due to his background.
    I like your review anyway:)


    1. I had no idea about that! I watch very few Chinese or Taiwanese shows hence I’m not as familiar with their stars as I am with Korean ones but that’s a great tid bit to know!


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