Currently Watching: Oh My Venus (오 마이 비너스)

Oh my God what a drama.

Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah) is a lawyer who got to be one through hard work. Unfortunately during her hard work she lost her good looks. She gained a lot of weight and now, that her boyfriend dumped her and she found the world famous personal trainer Kim Yeong Ho (So Ji Sub) to be right next to her, she decides to get her figure back. As the story progresses the two get closer and… You know what happens: they fall in love, of course!

Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah)

You got that right!

I’m loving Kang Joo Eun so far. She is a strong woman that doesn’t lose to anyone. She knows what she wants and is willing to work hard in order to get it. She has a great brain and a mouth on her; she can give back exactly what she receives and I love the push-pull moments between her and Kim Yeong Ho. She is not a push over: she is her own person that can deal with her cheating boyfriend, her bitchy ex-friend, her own problems, and more. Of course, it helps that she has Kim Yeong Ho to save her…

And now the moment we have been all waiting for;

The adorable trio ❤

Kim Yeong Ho (So Ji Sub)

Oh my God (I know I’m saying it again, I can’t help it…) So Ji Sub! Can he be more adorable? There is just something about this man that had captured me from the moment I saw, and heard him a couple of years a go, I was addicted.

Anyway, about his character… Kim Yeong Ho is a man that has a soft spot. And it is cute. He isn’t one of those arrogant chaebols we see so often. He is a normal man. He has his bad days, his own problems, but he helps someone in need and in danger -as it happens to Kang Joo Eun so often-. Like her, he has a smart mouth and the stabs the future couple changes are funny and cute.

He has his brooding moments with his hood on, but he stays strong no matter what!

Together they are a couple that never stay still and something funny always happens!

Be still my heart!

Kim Ji Woong (Henry Lau from Suju)

If So Ji Sub wasn’t enough to make you watch this drama then the absolute adorableness of Henry as Ji Woong should be.

Ji Woong is so carefree and makes life funny no matter where he is or what he is doing. Did I mention that he speaks the most adorable mixture of Korean and English in the drama? Well, he does and he will melt your heart at the same time.

A little clip for you to sample his cuteness.

As some of you might remember I was extremely fond of Siwon in She Was Pretty  and I am so glad to we have another silly dork in dramaland for us to fall in love with!

Jang Joon Sung (Sung Hoon)

Sung Hoon is an actor that I only recently took notice of. I had seen him before but after watching Noble, My Love  I started to pay real attention to him. He is a good actor and his voice is so smooth…

So, Sung Hoon playes Jang Joon Sung a professional fighter. He is more much more serious than Ji Woong but he is adorable in his frustration but acceptance towards him. They are a perfect couple.

In other roles we have Jung Gyo Woon plays Kang Jun Eun’s ex-boyfriend and Yoo In Young her ex-friend who stole her boyfriend. I’m starting to think that playing the bad girl is getting to be a habit to her, as the last time we saw her was in Mask, and I can’t say that I liked her at all. The same applies to Jung Gyo Woon. He portrayed the-husband-from-hell in last year’s Birth of a Beauty.

So why should you watch this amazing  romantic comedy?
  1. The hilarious story and characters
  2. The amazing cast; So Ji Sub, Henry, Sung Hoon, Shin Min Ah… Need I go on?
  3. We have bath scenes, shirtless scenes, fighting scenes, possessiveness, etc.
  4. There is just no end to this list. The conclusion is that you need to watch this.

Without a doubt Oh My Venus is one of the best dramas from this year. Everything is in perfect balance in this drama, so I cannot over praise this.

I think I have babbled on long enough, so…

Did I manage to convince you or were you already watching this drama?

What are your favorite characters and moments so far?

Share your thoughts!


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