From Five to Nine Review

So, the drama is about a Buddhist monk that falls in love and starts pursuing Sakuraba Junko with the constant thought of marriage.

Read more about the plot here, in my Currently Watching article.

From the start to the end I had mixed feelings with this drama. On one hand I liked this drama, on the other hand I didn’t like it. Now having finished it, I have to say that I didn’t care for it. Let’s look at the drama one thing at a time;

First, the main couple.


Played by Yamapi and Ishihara Satomi, we can say that neither one of them is new to acting. Still, I can’t completely blame them for their rigid acting. I think it had more to do with the drama’s writing and perhaps the original characters from the manga..? Please tell me if this is the case, since I was planning to start reading it but now I don’t think that I’ll be able to convince myself to do so.

Their relationship didn’t only suffer from their insufficient communication with each other and their feelings, but also the usual drama clichés, such as their family asking them to break up, a horrible (grand)mother-in-law, etc.

All in all what bothered me through out the drama was the constant work Takane kept doing. I understand that that was his character, but it was pushed over the limit of being adorable. Also, the way Junko kept behaving was driving me mad….

Like I said the drama had its clichés, here are the worst ones.

  1. The horrible grandmother in-law, that can’t accept the couple

Like usual the horrible in-law had a plan of how she wanted the main lead to live but when things don’t go according to their plan they take away their inheritance and try everything in their power and more to separate the couple. Usually, they experience a miracle in the last episodes and somehow just change their ways in a matter of minutes. This is what happened here too.

Takane’s grandmother says loud and clear that she hates Junko, then after reading a letter about how she loved him, she tells Junko that she only hated her because she reminded her about Takane’s mother.

Are you serious!?!?!?! You have spent the entire drama hating her and then somehow after reading the letter you realize that she loved him? You didn’t notice them being in love before the letter!?? For example how they spent time together, kissed, how she was willing to quit her dream job to get your approval for their marriage… After all that you are still convinced that they don’t fit together. But don’t worry in the last five minutes you read the letter and they get together and everything is fine, right? No it is not. -_-

2. The completely useless rival that brings nothing enjoyable to the drama

I knew from the moment Takane’s brother showed up that this was not good. Like all drama rivals he is two faced but it’s only because his family didn’t love him. Still don’t worry too much, there’s a miraculous change waiting for him too….

3. Obsessive Male lead

I can’t believe that I have to add this here… Personally, I like the little obsessed male leads in dramas but here I think they pushed Takane too far. The main reason I ended up not liking his character was because of the leading lady… (Look at number 4 to understand what I mean)

4. The overly naive woman

Junko was so frustrating… Like a typical leading lady she didn’t like her admirer in the beginning at all. Again, I am pointing out that I love the typical love-hate relationships, but that wasn’t what happened here. Junko kept pushing and pushing Takane further away with her actions and words, even being very cruel at times, but then she somehow realizes that she has loved him all along. Usually, I like this pattern it’s just that she didn’t show it at all.

5. The plot line that offers nothing new to the extent that I know what is going to happen before it does.

(The only thing new in this drama was that the main lead was a monk but that shows only in the way he dressed…)

6. There’s more that is bothering me about this drama, but I want to share the good things it had too.

What I think was the best thing about this drama was Miss Momoe and Arthur. Miss Momoe was a fan girl to the bone, she loved her BL and Arthur was a fun and light character that embraced her craziness and even played along!


I know I complained about Takane and his character but I have to say that he wasn’t all bad. He had is absolutely adorable moments, it’s just that they were left in the shadows of everything else in the drama.

I hoped the couple would be more affectionate and well, I don’t even know what any more… This drama is going to my list of good dramas that were screwed up by many things…

What are your thoughts on the drama?

Did you like it or were you frustrated by the end like I was?


4 thoughts on “From Five to Nine Review

  1. Don’t read the manga and don’t read anything by that mangaka. Her mangas are wretched and her characters are thoroughly unlikeable. The drama was actually made watchable by diluting their characteristics into something resembling human. Still with source material like that …


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