Falling for Innocence (순정에 반하다) Review

I am falling for you…

Falling for Innocence is the story of Kang Min Ho or James Kang (Jung Kyung Ho) who is known as the merciless corporate serial killer. He comes back to Korea to take of Hermia and drive it to bankruptcy. However he has a weak heart. At the last minute he receives a transplant but after he changes. He begins to have warm feelings and starts falling in love with a woman named Soon Jung (Kim So Yeon). Now, his life turns upside down.

Jung Kyung Ho plays Kang Min Ho, the merciless corporate serial killer.

Before his heart surgery he is completely heartless. He doesn’t care about anything except money and taking over Hermia.

I have to admit that like always I fell for him the minute he appeared on my screen. I don’t know why but I have a weak spot for male leads who are, to be honest, jerks.

If I have to have a complaint about him, it is that he cut his hair. I liked his long waves more than the cut he had that covered his forehead…

Sorry but that’s the truth.

But more than his haircut I loved his playfulness. The way he always wanted to laugh no matter how serious the situation might have been and the way he was not afraid to show his emotions and make a fool of himself in the process.

I loved his tantrums and his tears. ❤

Kim So Yeon brought to life Kim Sun Jeong. She was a secretary not to mess with. She took her responsibility seriously and helped her President in every way he needed.

She was a nice female lead and I think that Kim So Yeon did a good job. If I could’ve changed one thing I would’ve made her accept Kang Min Ho a little earlier after she learned the truth about his heart, since, like he pointed out himself too, it wasn’t his fault that her fiancé died and he got his heart. My heart broke here for Kang Min Ho.

Yoon Hyun Min was excellent as Lee Jun Hee. He turned out to be the main bad guy (along with Gold Partner) and he remained an excellent bad guy to the end. No miraculous change here for the bad guy!

I loved that he remained completely shameless to the end. Big Thumbs Up!

From the supporting roles I have to give credit to Lee Shi Eon as Oh Woo Shik. He was and remained a loyal helper to Kang Min Ho even when he was basically heartless.

All in all I admit that I liked the drama. The cast, acting, story, and OST were good.

Everyone likes happy endings.


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