Top Kpop Tracks From 2015 Part 2


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You can find Part 1 behind this link!

Let’s look at Part.2!

Other Artists

Eddy Kim – Apologize

There’s just something about Eddy Kim that melts you. I love the songs guitar beat and the lyrics! A perfect song.

Roy Kim – Stay (떠나지마라)

Roy Kim releases a new album this year too that has many good songs on it. Stay is just one of the songs on it where he will melt your heart with his heavenly voice.

Kim Feel – Stay With Me

More stunning male voices! Kim Feel has a soft voice that will capture your heart and make you want to stay with him forever.

Jooyoung – Wet

Wet is slower song but Jooyoung’s voice will capture you.

Sinchon Tigers – 꺼져줘

I love it when I find a perfect song by accident, 꺼져줘 meaning Get Lost is a song like that. It’s an amazing song; it manages to be funny and catching at the same time.

Lim Kim – Love Game (알면 다쳐)

Such an addicting song with its beat and chorus!

Ailee – Mind Your Own Business (너나 잘해)

Ailee, the strong voiced iron lady in kpop, continues with amazing songs. I have always liked songs with attitude and Ailee’s voice just makes her songs perfect.

Boa – Kiss My Lips

Love the chorus and its laid back beat!

Shannon Williams – Why Why (왜요왜요)

Shannon’s Why Why is a heart warming  and fun song sure to bring a smile to your face with its fun beat and mv.

 Solo Promotions

Tey – Dangerous

Tey from Mr. Mr. released this song and I fell in love with it and the music video immediately. The song, Tey’s voice and the music video are all killers. This had me screaming like the lady in the song!

U-Know – Champagne

Champagne is such a catchy song. U-Know from TVXQ! just makes you dance along to the rhythm of the song.

Jonghyun – Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)

This was an amazing song. Just the beauty of his voice and the lyrics that are every fan girl’s guilty pleasure made this song great.

Jang Hyunseung – Ma First (니가 처음이야)

Hyunseung from Beast released Ma First. The song is a dance song with a great beat.

Jun Jin – Wow Wow Wow  &  60 Seconds

Jun Jin from Shinhwa released his solo album #Real# this year. I love Wow Wow Wow, there’s just nothing else to say except Wow.

Also from the same album, 60 Seconds is just pure heaven.

Lee Hong Ki – Be Your Doll  &  LOL (Loudness of Love)

Lee Hong Ki from Ft. Island released his first solo album FM302 this year. And I had to pick two songs from the album

Be Your Doll is a fun and energetic song that showcases Hong Ki’s unique voice beautifully.

Loudness of Love is an amazing song and the lyrics are beautiful. Just like Ft.Island Lee Hong Ki doesn’t seem to know how to make bad music.

Park Jimin – Hopeless Love

Park Jimin is a member of the girl duo 15& but this was her solo debut. I don’t think that she could’ve made her debut with a more fragile yet beautiful song. The song is just heart breaking.

Gain – Paradise Lost

I doubt Gain from Brown Eyed Girls needs any introduction. Her song made the headlines and captured my heart completely. Wonderful.

Cho A – Flame (불꽃)

Cho A from the girl group AOA released Flame and broke our hearts. The song’s lyrics are just filled with sorrow.


XIA (Junsu) & Tablo – Flower (꽃)

Junsu from JYJ released the impressive Flower. His vocals are pure gold and the lyrics are beautifully true. Tablo’s rap just crowned the song and made it a classic. The only thing that escapes me is the song’s mv.

San E & Mad Clown  –  Sour Grapes (못먹는 감)

I love both San E and Mad Clown so it’s probably no surprise that their collaboration is on this list. Sour Grapes is a fun rap song that everyone will be able to enjoy.

Baechigi ft. Solji (from EXID) – Shut Up (닥쳐줘요)

The song is lively with a lively beat. Solji’s voice is a cherry on top of a great song.

Hyuna – Roll Deep (잘나가서 그래) ft. Jung Il Hoon (BtoB)

Hyuna from 4minute and Jung Il Hoon from BtoB make a strong song with a beat made for dancing and showing off!

Primary ft. Cho A & Iron – Don’t Be Shy (아끼지마)

Don’t Be Shy is a sweet song. The lyrics are insinuating and fun.

Tiger JK & Yoon Mirae & Bizzy – 이글거려 (Blazing)

An absolute on this list. Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae keep making good songs.

 Sub Unit Releases

Bastarz – Zero for Conduct (품행제로)

A killer song from Block B’s Zico, P.O. and B-Bomb. The song is amazing and the lyrics give out a definite ‘We don’t care we do what we want’ -feeling. Also, the dance in the chorus is a killer!

Infinite H – Pretty (예뻐)

Infinite H is obviously the sub group of Infinite. The song and the mv are funny, be sure to watch it to the end 🙂


iKon – Rhythm Ta

2015 was an amazing year for debuts as well. We had so much of them but iKon and the others on this list just stood out of the crowd. I loved Rhythm Ta from the first listen and have continued to follow iKon as they release more and more amazing music.

Monsta X – Trespass

Monsta X made such a strong debut with Trespass. I fell in love with it imediately. The rhythm and attitude of it just drove me wild! The guys didn’t disappoint with Rush either…
I hope that they will be able to keep these amazing songs coming.

N.Flying – Awesome 기가 막혀

Awesome was the group’s Korean debut and they rocked. Awesome is awesome; it is energetic and funny with its lyrics.

M.A.P6 – Storm

M.A.P6 joined the rush of new debuts with Storm. I think (atleast for me) they managed to stand out. Storm is a wonderful song with its surprising rhythm. I fell in love with the song and it’s subtle hurt you can’t help but feel yourself too.

Road Boyz – Show Me Bang Bang

Show Me Bang Bang is the title track from Road Boyz’s first mini album. I like the song and its lyrics and beat. I will follow them to see if they can survive. Fighting!

A6P – Face Off

An amazing song and a great debut, but I’m not crazy about the name… Oh, well who cares if they keep making music this good.

Seventeen – Adore U (아낀다)

The beginning of the song with its almost whispering and the chorus just make this such a joy to listen to!

Awesome Baby – Why Should I? (내가 왜?)

Amazing talent from these ladies! Their voices are amazing and the lyrics rock. I love the beat boxing in the song!

Twice – Like Ooh-Ahh (OOH-AHH하게)

An amazing debut again from a girl group. Their energy is out of the charts and the song is filled with girl power!

GFriend – Glass Bead (유리구슬)

G-Friend were a fun debut. Their song is amazingly harmonious and energetic.


Jang Jae In – Auditory Hallucinations (환청) ft. Na Show

(Kill Me, Heal Me OST)

Such a beautiful song!! The OST from Kill Me, Heal Me was as awesome as the drama itself but out of them all Auditory Hallucinations is the most beautiful and heart breaking.

Jang Jae In – Secret Paradise (비밀낙원)

Scholar Who Walks in The Night OST

Here we have another song from Jang Jae In. Unlike Kill Me, Heal Me, Scholar Who Walks the Night was a horrible disappointment that I dropped. Secret Paradise is the only thing I liked about the drama. The acting was uncomfortable, the plot was a mess and there was no saving it. Still, I think that this song is beautiful and was one of the best OST songs of the year, even though the dramas its from was bad.

M.C The Max – Because of You (그 남잔 말야)

The Girl Who Sees Scents OST

Because of You is a touching song that tears at your heart. The lyrics are so touching, sad and beautiful at the same time.

Baekhyun – Beautiful (두근거려)

(EXO Next Door OST)

 Again we have such a beautiful OST song! The lyrics, the rhythm, the singing, it couldn’t be better!

Siwon – Only You (너뿐이야)

(She Was Pretty OST)

She Was Pretty didn’t have anything else but Siwon to offer to me. I have already poured out my heart and love for his character (here and here) but Siwon went and gave us this song that melts at least me….

Kim Tae Woo & Ben – Darling U

Oh My Venus OST

This is a perfect song. It’s funny and sweet, just like the drama it’s from.

T.O.P – Hi Haruka

Secret Message OST

The song is amazing. This proves how talented our Bingu is. He has a wonderful voice that can both sing and rap like it’s nothing. TOP’s low voice just gets under your skin and captivates you.

I think the past year was an extremely good year for kpop. We had some long awaited come backs, new debuts, and older groups returning to the scene.

Hopefully you enjoyed my list and I wish you all the best for this year!

Thank you for an amazing year!

Did I remember to add your favorite song from 2015 to the list? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for my list of Best Dramas from 2015!


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