Top Kpop Tracks From 2015 Part 1


This is my personal list of the best songs that came out of Korea this year. They are only sorted under a few categories, they are not in any other order!

Also, I had to limit myself to a hundred songs so there are obviously some great songs too that just didn’t fit any more. 😦

The categories are;


Boy Groups
Girl Groups


Other Artists
Solo Promotions
Sub Unit Releases
Ost Songs

Boy Groups

Big Bang – Bae Bae  &  Sober (맨정신)

From the epic MADE album that contains only hits. Bae Bae is one of the best songs on it. I added it on this list because of its lyrics, sound and mv. It has much of not so subtle references (such as when Top shoots white liquid out of a syringe…) it was banned from showing on tv in Korea. But no matter what Big Bang always makes it to the top and remains to be the kings of kpop.

Well doesn’t Sober just fit the mood of everyone after their new year parties?

“It’s hard for me to be sober.
I can’t do anything.
I hate being sober
I can’t fall asleep without you.”

The song is loaded with energy, amazing vocals, great lyrics, everything Big Bang is made of. Sober is without a question one of the best songs this year.

Infinite – Bad

I absolutely love this song and the mv! It is just so addicting with its rhythm!

EXO – Call Me Baby  &  Sing for You

Exo is just Exo. They keep making comebacks with good songs and I picked Call Me Baby here because of its mv. I love the way it was filmed like it seems to be just one shot! Its not the best song from the album but its good anyway.

Sing for You is from EXO’s newly released album. I picked it because it shows a little bit different side to the boys. It’s not song that revolves around its catchy beat or their dancing, but rather their voices and the touching lyrics of the song.

Got7 – If You Do (니가 하면)

Get ready for a heartbreak here. The lyrics are so close to all of us and touching. A one of a kind song with an amazing choreography too.

Nu’est – I’m Bad

I’m Bad is such a wonderful song. The lyrics are wonderful and the beat is just as beautiful.

K-Much – 24th of December (12월 24일)

The song is touching and beautiful. K-Much rock with their amazing vocals ❤

History – Might Just Die (죽어버릴지도 몰라)

Might Just Die is an amazing song. The energy and emotions in it are breath taking.

2PM – My House (우리집)

Oh my… What to say. My House is just, well, a hot song.

Super Junior – Devil

I was waiting for Suju’s comeback since the last time they made a comeback I absolute fell in love with many of their songs. Also, Devil was hyped to be their new Sorry, Sorry….. Sorry, but that was not the case. I think I had my expectations too high. The song is energetic and catchy but Suju can do a lot better!

BTS – I Need You  &  Run

The boys made a big buzz with their albums The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Part.1 and Part. 2.

I picked a one song from each of them. There was no question of I Need You, since I fell in love with it from the second I heard it. It is heartbreaking and makes you shout the lyrics out until you have no voice left.

Run is just one good example of the amazing skills Bangtan Boys have. Their lyrics are always so spot on that they make us cry and laugh while grabbing our chests.

Turbo – Again (다시)

Turbo is an older boy group but they still have the touch. I absolutely adore this song and cannot even listen to it while I drive because it makes me so energetic that I can’t sit still!

Be sure to watch the mv to the end to catch the adorable Lee Kwang Soo dancing!

Jinusean – Tell Me One More Time (한번 더 말해줘) ft. Jang Han Na

Jinusean is another older group that made a comeback this year. I didn’t love Tell Me One More Time immediately but it grew one me more and more. Now I just sign along every time I hear it.

C.N.Blue – Cinderella

You have to love CnBlue. I don’t think these guys even know how to make bad songs… They just keep coming back with catching tunes and amazing lyrics to keep us addicted.

Ft.Island – Pray

Ft.Island made a brave comeback with Pray and their album I Will. The whole album is filled with great songs but like usual these guys know how to stand out from the crowd. I think it was a brave decision from them to make an album with “heavier” music. It might not appeal to everyone, but it made me fall in love with them.

Royal Pirates – Run Away

Run Away is a different side to kpop. It’s more of a rock song but the sweetness and beauty of it can’t be missed.

iKon – Apology (지못미)

iKon is also under debuts but I couldn’t resist adding Apology here. The lyrics are just so touching.

Madtown – OMGT  &  New World (드루와)

OMGT or Oh My God Thanks is such a funny song. I can’t help but smile at the guys worshipping ‘the perfect woman’ on the mv!

New World is an addicting song that makes you brake you speakers with its strong bass. It has a strong message for all of us; to not mind others and be the best of ourselves.

Mr. Mr. – Out

I love Out. From the moment I heard it for the first time I just keep playing it on repeat. The lyrics are wonderful and the addicting rhythm of the song just makes me dance along to it! Once you’ve heard this song there’s no way out for you…

24K – Hey You (오늘 예쁘네)     &    Superfly (날라리)

There is just no way to write this list without adding Hey You to it. I played it on repeat for months. It is so addicting that you can’t help but dance along to it.

The song just makes you move your hips faster and faster to the rhythm until you shout out nallallari-ta!

Beast – YeY (예이)  &  Gotta Go to Work (일하러 가야 돼)

YeY is a energetic and fun.

Gotta Go to Work is just such a funny song and can boost up anyone who has to go to work with its easy beat.

Shinhwa – Sniper (표적)

Sniper is visually and melodically an amazing song. I like the mv, the song’s beat, the whistling, everything. A fantastic song!

Cross Gene – Play With Me (나하고 놀자)

A great song from Cross Gene with a twisted mv! You can’t help but laugh at these guys!

Uniq – EoEo

A fun song made for the clubs and dancing with its beat.


Lots of boy energy here. A fun song about wanting to get the girl. I love the catchy chorus.

Up10tion – Catch me! (여기여기 붙어라)

Such a catchy song! I was amazed by these guys since I hadn’t liked their other songs but Catch Me! is so catching and fun that I couldn’t resist it.

Shinee – View

I’m not a big fan of Shinee nor did I like their other releases this year but View was a catchy song.

MyName – Too Very so MUCH (너무 very 막)  &  Just Tell Me (딱 말해)

Too Very Much is such a fun song; it’s just brings a smile to my face and makes me sing along!

MyName continues with the fun songs! I’ll tell you everything you want to know…

Boyfriend – Bounce

Boyfriend is an awesome group that keeps releasing good music. Bounce just invites you to bounce along to it in its chorus! I also liked the Alice in Wonderland theme they had going on 🙂

 High4 – D.O.A  (Dead or Alive)

High4’s D.O.A is a bit mechanical but a beautiful song. It catches your attention and is made for more than one listen.

 Girl Groups

4 Minute – Crazy (미쳐)

Crazy is crazy girl power at its best. The beat is sick that just invites you to wiggle along to its beat.

Exid – Ah Yeah (아예)

All about attitude in the song and mv!

Rainbow – Black Swan (블랙스완)

I played this song on repeat! It is just that good with a lovely beat and the lovely voices of Rainbow’s ladies!

9Muses – Hurt Locker ( 다쳐 )

Hurt Locker’s chorus is to kill for. It’s perfect and makes this song a must listen.

Hello Venus – Wiggle Wiggle

I liked Wiggle Wiggle a lot. It has a good beat that just invites you to dance along.

D.Holic – Chewy (쫄깃쫄깃)

Girl group power with a addicting chorus!


San E – #LuvUHater

This song is pure perfection. San E lays out the truth in this rap song and raises his middle finger to his haters. Luv the rhythm in this song.

Giriboy – Take Care of You (지켜줄게)

This is a song that I could write an essay about. It’s beautiful, touching, true, and scary.

Jimin N J.Don – God

This is the pearl that came out of the collaboration of J.Don the leader of N.Flying and AOA’s Jimin. Both killed their parts in this attitude filled rap song.

Jimin – Puss

This lady is just filled with attitude that she successfully adds to her songs!

Jay Park – Mommae (몸매) & Want It (원해)

Even the title means body and that’s what this song is all about. Accompanied by a good beat this song is an example of a rap song with a sick bass. Turn up your speakers!

Jay Park’s Want It is a song that would even make my top 5 song list from this year. I keep listening to this song over and over again. It is perfect with its attitude, beat and lyrics. A perfect rap song.

GD & T.O.P – Zutter (쩔어)

After a long wait Big Bang finally made a comeback this year and while all the songs are great I think that Zutter didn’t get all the attention that it deserved. It is a sick beat and the lyrics are very meaningful about GD’s and TOP’s personal lives and their personalities. This is a must hear.

Mad Clown & Jinsil – Fire

Mad Clown’s rap is always great and together with the crazy good story of the song makes this absolute one of the best songs of 2015. And don’t even mention the cuteness of the mv. (Also if you liked this you should definitely check out Mad Clown’s Stalker A Flip Side Story -song. It is just one of his best songs with a sick wrapping and meaningful lyrics.)

 Wa$$up – Stupid Liar

A nice slow but steady beat!

Zico – 말해 Yes or No

This song is pure Zico. It’s purely rap with attitude and twists!

Hwangtaeji – Mapsosa (맙소사)

This song is a collaboration between Kwanghee, Taeyang and G-Dragon from the reality show Infinite Challenge and became a hit.

I like the beat (it’s not repeating) and the title Mapsosa literally means Good God! or Oh No!

Rap Monster – 농담 (Joke)

This song could be also under solo promotions but I put it here because it is purely rap. And what else can you expect from a guy who’s named Rap Monster?

The song and the mv are great and a little creepy too…

 Because of the length of the list I had to divide it into two parts.

Read part 2 here!


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