Mars Review

A classic for a reason.

Qi Luo (Hsu Barbie) is an art student at the same school as Chen Ling (Zhou Vic), a popular play boy attends. One day Ling asks for directions from her, she draws him a map, gives it to him and runs away. On the other side there is a picture she drew of a mother and her child. Touched by the drawing Chen Ling he starts noticing her and they grow closer quickly. They both have a very dark past but together they become stronger.

Wow, it is impossible to describe this drama in words, but I’m going to try.
From its first episode Mars captured me completely and it remained in my head constantly. I binged watched this in just a couple of days because it was so addicting.

I have never seen such deep emotions, so much pain and love shown so beautifully. Mars touched me deeply in every single episode.

Zhou Vic played a double role as Chen Ling and Chen Sheng, identical twins. The two boys had always been inseparable but one day Shen committed suicide. Ling became severely traumatized and even had to be committed into a mental institution. He constantly visited the police station and had attacks where he suddenly stopped breathing.

In the beginning Ling is a popular bad boy that everyone loves. He hides his pain from everyone; no one really knows him until he meets Qi Luo. Zhou Vic was so convincing in his role. There were too many moments to count that Ling’s pain was just so painfully real that you can’t help but cry. The pain he had been through made him violent and sometimes unpredictable but when he met Qi Luo he realized that having someone you love and someone to protect made him happy. The change in him was nothing like the sudden changes in some dramas that happen over one night. His change was real and touching.

Zhou Vic also played Ling’s twin brother Sheng. Although we see only flashbacks and stories of him it’s clear that although they were completely different they were so close to each other that even death couldn’t separate them.

The lady of the hour; Qi Luo played by Hsu Barbie. At first she was a quiet man hater that couldn’t stand to be touched and was afraid of everyone. When she got to know Ling she started to change. She had more courage, she got more friends and quickly fell in love.

The romance between Ling and Qi Luo was touching. It was hard, painful, meaningful, and beautiful. Their moments together, their trust towards each other and the support that they gained from each other are what made this drama so addicting.

The moment that Qi Luo started to trust Ling, a bad boy who drives a motorcycle, beats people without blinking an eye and seems to not care about anything, my heart melted. Here’s the reason why; she saw what Ling showed everyone else was not the real him. He was a gentle and understanding boy that had been hurt so badly by the people he loved the most that he had no other choice; he just couldn’t take it all. When she told him that she was afraid of men, except him, I cried.

Their love for each other had nothing to do with looks, wealth or other superficial things. They supported and protected each other every day, every moment. They were each others’ family. There was not one moment that they were not together in one way or other.

The other characters in this drama were just as breath taking. The bad guy, Tong Dao, was scary in a way that can’t be explained. His similarity with Ling was frightening but also their difference was clear. The main couples love rivals were minimal and quickly develop into their best friends and realized they needed to move on.

The music, especially Alan Kuo’s Ling (Zero) was amazing. The most beautiful melodies were played at the exact right moments either making us smile or shed tears because of the pain the main leads suffered.

I don’t think there is another drama around that could show the painful subjects that this drama shows, such as rape, mental illness, murder, violence, and people’s dark sides, so well. The moments were never over done, the music and lines were perfect.

There is no way that I could over sell this drama. It was perfect from its first seconds right to the last seconds. It crashed into my heart and will forever remain as one of my favorite dramas.


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