The Witness

Lu Xiao Xing used to be a police officer until one fateful night her brother died in an accident. She was blinded and carries with her the enormous guilt of her brother’s death. One night she gets on a taxi but the car is involved in a hit and run accident. She reports the case to the police. Lin Chong also saw the accident but is received with doubt. When the police connect the accident to their case of many missing girls an investigation starts. Now, the killer is after both Xiao Xing and Lin Chong.

The movie’s acting was good and if you like suspense and crime movies you’ll like this one too. Also, for EXO fans we have Luhan as the main lead. The movie is based on the Korean movie Blind. I had seen that before too, but I have to say that this was still a good movie. I like the story; a blind girl is the eye-witness to a case and with the police they start investigating. In this version the story was still exciting and the relationships between the characters were interesting.

The leading lady was good. On some points she was a little bit too stiff and shy for my taste, but if I had gone through what she had and was blind, I would be too. All and all, she was ok.

I admit that I watched this movie partly due to Luhan being one of the leads. I haven’t really paid him much attention nor seen him act so I wanted to check him out. In my opinion he was pretty good. He was a little bratty but was still a protector, like I think his character was supposed to be. Personally the only thing I found odd was the ending where he was shown signing on stage but they probably wanted to showcase his talents.

The bad guy was almost great. I liked the coldness of him. They gave him time on-screen but kept it very little too. I liked that they gave him a background story, it kind of made him seem crazy in a more organized way, if I can say that.

I have to mention Xiao Xing’s dog here. The moment where he dies absolutely tears me apart in both versions. He was so cute and loving towards his owner. :´(

Personally I liked the ending scene in the Korean version better. The thought of the boy following his friend / newly found sister into the police force was touching. Of course, the Chinese version’s end was not surprising since Luhan is a known singer and I think it was good that they played his strengths here and didn’t blindly try to follow the Korean version. All in all, they are both different and good movies.

I’m not able to tell you which version is better because even though the story is almost the same they give me a different feeling and are made in a different way. That’s why I think it’s better for everyone to decide themselves which one (or both) to check out.


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