Currently Watching: Remember…

… Or why it’s not worth your time.

Remember – War of the Son

The poster looks ok, right? Don’t let it fool you…

When I first heard of Remember I was pumped. A son is going to be a lawyer to defend his father from a murder charge. Sounds exciting. And we had Nam Goong Min as another bad guy?!! I was in the minute I heard that.

Then as the airing date got closer we got to know more about the plot. The father had Alzheimer’s. Ok, I can live with the father forgetting everything, I thought. Then it was time for the first episode to air.

For the first minutes I was left breathless. Very strong images of sending a man to his death. I got chills and was waiting for the rest.

Of course the first episode is spent on letting us know the background of the case. So we got to know more about the characters.

Yoo Seung Ho playes Seo Jin Woo, the son of the murder suspect. We’re shown their perfect father-son relationship. I’m getting suspicious.

And Park Min Young as Lee In Ah and is the first failure of this drama. I have never really liked her in anything I’ve seen her act in; Healer, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, City Hunter… I don’t know why. Here she was the same. Right from the beginning she blames Jin Woo of being a thief without any clear evidence and drags the whole bus to the police station while making a big show. She was plain annoying.

And at the police station we have the second disaster. Seo Jin Woo “amazes” us with his perfect memory. I suppose the writers wanted to create a strong male character that everyone could stare with hearts in their eyes. For me, his perfect memory was one of the things that ruined him as a character. I was appalled by his performance at the police station. It ruined the drama for me.

“Don’t worry, we still have Nam Goong Min!” I said to myself.

And I was right. I know that I am biased towards him but I don’t care.

“Nam Gyo Man, that punk, has money, power and everything, but lacks only one thing. Do you know what that is? Humanity.”

These were the first lines that introduced him to the viewers. Strong, amazing, fantastic. I was waiting for more.

“By the time you have that kind of money and power, you’re usually good mannered from being raised right, but maybe there’s something wrong with his DNA, he throws tantrums anyway he feels, to the point that the company even has a separate legal team for his cases.” 

Cue the chills. But that’s what Nam Gyo Man is. A man that throws violent tantrums whenever he pleases and towards who ever he wants. He is a simple bad guy; an arrogant chaebol that thinks he can do whatever he wants. What makes him work so well is the amazing talent Nam Goong Min has as an actor and his eyes. They are made for playing the bad guy!

Score one for the drama because of Nam Gyo Man. Can’t you just see the evil in his eyes?? He is a character that can, and has killed people and not feel anything afterwards.

The drama did have one more character that captivated me. That is Park Sung Woong as the lawyer Park Dong Ho.

If Nam Gyo Man is a character that can make you scared then Park Dong Ho is the one to make you smile. I found his character to be fun and eccentric. A lawyer raised by gangster, and who is more or less, one of them. He has the style, he has the tattoo, he has the attitude. And I love it.

He can do anything to win a case. And he does.

Still the writer had to add a cliché to his perfect character! Why? Why would you make him a lawyer with 100% of his cases solved? I just.. afklskgsdjnsj.

Anyway, he is the other star of this drama and so far him and Nam Gyo Man are the only things that this drama has gotten right. The plot is -let’s all admit it- something we’ve seen before, boring, filled with clichés and I don’t like the main couple (meaning Seo Jin Woo and Lee In Ah especially) at all.

So far the plot has offered me nothing to keep me watching it. I think I’m going to just speed through them and only stop when either Nam Gyo Man or Park Dong Ho appears. Still, I don’t think I’ll miss anything. I’ll just be happy that I didn’t force myself to watch a drama that sucks.

Are you enjoying Remember?


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