Steal My Heart / Catch Me (캐치미)

Lee Ho Tae is a top-notch police officer who is in search of a criminal who ran over his suspect. To his surprise the criminal is a woman, and no less his first love who disappeared in the past. He can’t bring himself to arrest her and he starts hiding her from the police when she turns out to be a thief. Their cohabitation begins.


The story is original and the characters are funny and sweet. The writing has made the story perfect. It hooks you from the first minutes with its hilarious scenes and wonderful delivery from the actors. It isn’t possible to watch this movie with a straight face or to not fall in love with it. The acting is awesome. Everything is perfect in this movie.

Image result for steal my heart korean movie

I loved this movie from the first seconds to the last ones. All the scenes between the main characters were pure gold. I loved the way they didn’t force the differences and between the two; they were not on the opposite sides. They worked together and helped each other from the beginning. The distress Ho Tae had to go through to hide her was filmed in a funny and touching way.

Right to the end this was a perfect romantic comedy, where there were no useless or stupid scenes. A perfect movie ❤


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