High-end Crush (고품격 짝사랑) Review

This is a review for the drama, find the Currently Watching article here.

High-end Crush or The Greatest One-Sided Love No One Has Ever Seen Before (아무도 본 적 없는 고품격 짝사랑) is a web drama (15min long eps) about a man who has it all and when he falls for a girl for the first time, he has to experience the pains of one sided love.

Ok, not an original idea. A rich man who is very successful falls for a girl who has lived in the mountains her whole life and is very naive. Still, Jung Il Woo was extremely funny as Choi Se Hoon and this drama captured my heart.


Choi Se Hoon is an extremely self centred CEO who always gets what he wants. He shouts and screams, pushes both mentally and physically his employees and basically, they’re all afraid of him. He’s the first guy I’ve seen to drive his therapist to a therapist with only his words. His rants were unforgettable.

His fits were cute (kind of wrong of me to say this, but I can’t help myself). His expressions and words were just fun and made this drama for me.

Then to the female lead. Jin Se Yeon played Yoo Yi Ryeong. At first I liked her. She was a typical female lead; strong headed and knew how to stand up for herself. Yet she helped others and was good hearted. And, well she was a little violent in the beginning. Poor Se Hoon fainted at least twice…

For some reason as the episodes went on she just became an empty headed girl. She clearly knew that she liked Se Hoon and yet she still couldn’t do anything. Even he kissed her she slapped him… I just couldn’t understand her any more. It seemed like the writer couldn’t figure her character out; she changed too much.

As a couple there’s nothing much that I can say about them because they got together so late in the story. They did have their cute moments, mostly due to the awesome acting from Jung Il Woo.

Then to the other “couple” in the drama.

Se Hoon and his tireless subordinate Ho. Ho stands by his side while putting up with everything Se Hoon throws his way. Of course he does lose his nerves quite often but they always apologize and forget about it right away. He has his name under ´our respected and loved CEO´ in his phone because Se Hoon checks his phone. Still, if you press call you can read the text Devil written on his picture. =) Applauses to the guy. He even goes to stand alone in the rain so that his CEO can have his peace. I want a friend / helper like that.

Se Hoon is the CEO of an entertainment company so of course the drama needs its stars. We had Monsta X and Sistar’s Bora.

Again when Yoo Yi Ryeong was in their music video in the drama I couldn’t how she would have ever become noticed or famous with that acting. She just sat there. o_O

I addition Kim So Yeon and Jung Kyung Ho from Falling for Innocence  had their short appearances as TV anchors in the show.

I loved this show in the beginning. I couldn’t resist Jung Il Woo as Se Hoon. He was too adorable in his weirdness.

Now having reached the end I would have changed the drama. The female lead changed too much and became a little frustrating. Also, the couple should have gotten together sooner!! I would’ve loved to see the way their relationship would develop. Does Se Hoon still get upset and jealous as easily? Does she change at all?

We get a hint for a second season for the drama but I have conflicted feelings. I would watch it but I don’t know if I could stand Yoo Yi Ryeong…. Update after rewatching the drama a couple of times; I would definitely watch the second season!!!





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