Lupin III

Lupin III

Ready for Hollywood like action?

Lupin the 3rd is an action movie through and through. It’s about the master thief known as Lupin and how he after going searching for revenge wants to steal a necklace from the worlds’ safest place. There is not really one plot in the movie. It’s more of a combination of many things. Ultimately, it’s all about stealing.

So why should you watch this movie?

  1. The actors.
  2. You have to see Oguri Shun, Jerry Yan and Kim Joon speak in English; most of the movie’s dialogue was in English.
  3. Kim Joon

Let’s take a look at the wonderful actors in this movie. First the main character.

Lupin is played by the hot Oguri Shun. And Shun does not disappoint. He was a perfect; playful in his actions and expressions, fun and super cute. Gotta say that there aren’t many people who could pull of a red velvet coat, bright yellow tie and leather pants but he did it. He even made it look hot.

Just one example of his playfulness. He sticks out his tongue to mock you after you lost to him. 🙂

I love the way Oguri Shun speaks. He just adds a playfulness to Lupin that I don’t think anyone else would’ve been able to do.

Then one of the other stars.

Jerry Yan played Michael Lee. I admit that for a while I couldn’t make my mind as to which one I should root for. I liked them both, then luckily for me they joined sides and I didn’t have to pick one.

Jerry Yan was amazing as well. His character had its twist and turns but he was awesome through it all; his eyes and expressions were very convincing. His English surprised me; it was that good. I have to add a little spoiler here, it won’t ruin the movie for you but will (probably) make you a little sad. You have been warned.I hated that they had to kill his character in the end. He was sincere and a soft character with a lot of love inside him. And when he died no one shed a tear. They didn’t even look sad even though he died to save Lupin. Why? They even left his body where he died and laughed in the next scene. It left a crack in my heart.End of spoilers.

I loved the bromance / hate relationship these two had going on.

Last but not least, except in screen time, we had Kim Joon as Pierre.

No you’re probably asking yourselves Kim Joon who? Well if I say Woo Bin and F4 it probably tells you who I’m talking about.

Kim Joon was good in his role. He spoke in Japanese, English and a couple of words in Korean in the show. The only problem was that they didn’t give him enough time on the screen. He was more often in the background and silent rather than speaking. He was good but suffered from the lack of lines for him. He and his character had the potential to be more important to the story, he was loyal and smart, they just didn’t do it.

Like I said most of the movie is in English, but we do have Japanese, Chinese, a little of Korean thrown in the mix. Still no matter what language the actors speak I love them more when they speak they native tongue; it just brings their personality out more.

These actors were a perfect choice for this movie because of its unoriginality (the plot didn’t have anything new to offer) but while the movie has its problems these actors steal your attention so you won’t even notice what it lacks until its over. This movie had action and thrill to the right degree and the addition of Oguri Shun, Jerry Yan and Kim Joon will make you stay glued to the screen. They were that hot  I mean good.


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