Currently Watching; Madame Antoine (마담 앙트완)

Ko Hye Rim, a fortune-teller is known as Madame Antoine. One day a clinic opens above her café carrying the same name as hers. It turns out that the owner is a world renown psychotherapist, Choi Soo Hyun. He is currently doing an experiment to prove that love doesn’t exist. At first they don’t get along but when Soo Hyun wants Hye Rim to take part in an experiment she has no other choice but to agree. Suddenly, she has many suitors and Soo Hyun confesses to her. Is he sincere towards her or does he have hidden intentions?

This drama is and is not a typical rom-com. There are some typical kdrama elements in the plot but so far the outcome is fresh and different.

Han Ye Seol as Ko Hye Rim

Ko Hye Rim (35 years-old) is a woman who can read people well -there is no other way she could pull of being a fortune teller. She is a divorcee with a child who lives and studies in the US. I like the fact that the writers didn’t make her the usual drama lead (a woman who has never kissed before and is awkward. She knows how to give it back to people who tick her off but she is also caring and fun.

She has no idea as to what is the intention of the test she is participating in, but she knows that something is up. She tries her best to solve the mystery but doesn’t actually mind three handsome men hanging around her and courting her, well, who in their right mind would…

Sung Joon as Choi Soo Hyun or Man A

Choi Soo Hyun doesn’t believe in love nor has he ever been in love. He thinks fortune telling is bs and is not afraid to show it to Hye Rim. I don’t think that I need to mention that they don’t get along well in the beginning.

Well, actually, you kinda do…

So, the purpose why he chose Hye Rim for the test is to make her fall in love with him and then crush her by saying that it was all for the test. Harsh. To his defense, he does feel a little bad for her once he gets to know her better…

As man A in the test his strength is money and success, but he has a prickly personality. He uses psychology, he analyses her, makes her do a personality test, makes her answer questions about her likes and dislikes. I have to say that his plan is pretty successful, even though he is somewhat arrogant himself.

The thing I find most interesting about him is that he’s the one that made his own love rivals. It think its going to be funny for us in the future but for him it already seems like a headache.

Jung Jin Woon as Choi Seung Chan or Man B

Choi Seung Chan is a half brother of Soo Hyun. Unlike him, he is friendly  to everyone. As man B he is the popular, younger man who has a great body, but no job.

Seung Chan is a warm character and gets close to Hye Rim soon, still we’re not clear whether there are some feelings in the mix or is she just treating him like her little brother.

Lee Joo Hyeong as Won Ji Ho or Man C

Won Ji Ho is a genius with the IQ of 210. He went to college at the age of 7 and can solve a Rubik’s Cube in seconds. True to his role as a young genius, he is bad with people, and studies psychology because he doesn’t know people.
His role as man C is to be the young flower boy.

 And so with all the men trying to win their heart the race begins to see just who can make Hye Rim fall in love with them. They all approach her simply as a test subject that they need to make fall in love with them, and it turns out to be quite fun to watch.

So far most of the time is given to Man A but maybe in the future we can see a love triangle forming??

I admit that during the first episode I was not thrilled about this drama. But, (there’s always a but or a however) already in the second episode it was better. Now after 4 I can say that I’m going to watch this till the end.

What I like most about the drama is the approach Soo Hyun has to relationships and love. He thinks they are only a reaction in the brain and that there is no such thing as true love to a woman. Also, the way he advances Hye Rim, is funny. He always has a clear plan and instructions in his mind.

Even though I think that his advances according to his rules are funny, I do feel a little bad for Hye Rim. Even if he falls for her and she likes him, are her feelings real or just the outcome of the manipulation? Maybe I’m just over thinking this…

Anyway the drama is starting to be fun and addictive, and it has a great cast!

What are your thoughts on Madame Antoine so far?

Which man are you rooting for? I’m all for Man A myself!


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