The Liar and His Lover

Aki is a moody composer behind all the songs of a hit band Crude Play. Riko is a high school girl he meets by chance. He starts a romance with her even though he doesn’t like her. He lies, but both fall in love with each other. Then obstacles are thrown their way.

For me the story was disappointing. I started watching this thinking that it was a nice romantic movie but whit the twist that the main lead only lies to her… I was wrong. For me the movie was too much about music and their singing. Also, I hated the fact that they didn’t even get really back together in the end. A kiss doesn’t count!

The only thing that stood out was Sato Takeru and his handsome face. The reason for that was that I had seen him before, otherwise I don’t think I would’ve even noticed him… I’m still missing the lightness of a Japanese rom-com that I was after and to add, I’m feeling disappointed about the time I spent watching this…. The movie wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t my type. If you like movies with music and singing then you’ll like this too.


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