Best Sidekicks from Kdramas Pt.1

Best Sidekicks from Kdramas Pt.1

~heart warming couples from disappointing dramas~

Sometimes there are dramas where a single character from the background steals the show. They are too adorable, funny, just impossible to ignore!

Here are first three from my list of unforgettable sidekicks who were more or less couples and from dramas that otherwise weren’t all that good…


Joo Hyun Woo & L.U.U.V.Y


Joo Hyun Woo is played by Jung Hae In. He was a genius doctor in the medical vampire drama Blood. In the drama the main actors were ok, the plot was ok, well, it was ok. But L.U.U.V.Y and Hyun Woo were cute. Adorable even.

Just look at the two cuties together.

L.U.U.V.Y was the result of Hyun Woo’s hard work. He had a massive database on love, and well, he was a guy at heart.

Hyun Woo (or father to L.U.U.V.Y) was smart and a perfect friend to Ji Sang, despite the fact that he was human and Ji Sang a vampire. Plus who could deny that he was cute, especially when he was playfully arguing with Ji Sang or when he was ratted out by his own creation.

Yoon Chan Young & Lee Bo Na


I’m not a fan of Krystal but I have to add these two to this list! They were so cute together! With Kang Min Hyuk as Yoon Chan Yeong and Krystal as his girlfriend Lee Bo Na, these two were crazy about each other!

They were possessive, funny, cute, and silly at times. There is no one who can forget how she ‘fell’ by accident to get his attention or her accidental confession via the school radio; “Chan Young is my air, without him beside me how am I supposed to breathe?” I get it Krystal, he is irresistible!

But even these two, as cute as they were, can’t beat the next couple. Like always, I saved the best for last!

Choi Yeong Do & Jo Myung Soo


Oh, Choi Yeong Do and Jo Myung Soo how I loved you too! Kim Woo Bin rips at my heartstrings every time I see him but together with Park Hyung Shik he was even more hot.

These two were the best. Their hilarious interactions and undeniable bromance were awesome. Their lines were awesome and let’s admit it, they’re both gorgeous.

Together they were perfect; they brought out each others’ good points. However mean Yeoung Do was Myung Soo brought out the good in him. They we good friends and so, so adorable!

Even if Heirs didn’t have anything else to offer us, these two couples were awesome!

This is the end for now! There are more heart stealing sidekicks to come so stay tuned!

Who did you enjoy the most?

Couple number

1. Joo Hyun Woo & L.U.U.V.Y

2. Yoon Chan Young & Lee Bo Na

3. Choi Yeong Do & Jo Myung Soo






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