Bromance Review

This is my picture review of the many things I loved so much about Bromance, because a picture can sometimes tell you more than a thousand words. So, there won’t a thousand words here, but beware some minor spoilers are included, so if you haven’t seen the series till the end check out my Currently Watching; Bromance article to get a deeper look at the characters.

I’m happy but so sad at the same time that Bromance ended!! I need more of Zi Feng and Ya Nuo!

I loved the comfortable, bromance like love the couple had going on through out the whole drama.

And then when you were shooting hearts from your eyes at their cuteness…

Zi Feng went and was hot as hell, well, the chemistry was off the charts between this couple no matter what they were doing! Lots and lots of hot moments.

And more scenes that just built the romance more and more! The long gazes and the teasing were enough to have me squealing! The revelation of Ya Nuo being actually a girl was always so near that I was dropping of my seat….

But they didn’t reveal anything!! And my pulse went down again until…

The kisses!

The amazing kiss scenes. Is it just me or is it hot here?

The love and affection between the couple was tangible. They were a perfect match for each other.

I loved Zi Feng, he was a gentleman and so clearly in love with Ya Nuo. He was such a solid character; always there to help others and responsible and yet he was still fun.

I loved Zi Feng’s jealousy and his demandfulness.

Most of all I loved how he loved Ya Nuo (and Ya Nuo him) as they were; no matter their gender, they were meant for each other.

And in the end, after the long weeks of waiting for a new episode, we got our happy ending for the couple.

What? There were other characters too?

And I need to talk about them too?

Ok, if I must.

Bii was hot. But Baron was even hotter as Zi Feng. See, I just can’t move away from them.

The drama was amazing from the beginning to the end. Ya Nuo was such a convincing boy that I had trouble seeing him as her in the final episode. Personally, I liked the twist in the end about how Zi Feng knew about her being a girl, but I would’ve loved it if they would’ve included us, the viewers, on that info earlier. Also, another episode wouldn’t have hurted. The last minutes were just so full of everything and I was left wanting to see their lives after they lived as a married couple.

I will miss this series for a long time and return to watch it again for sure!


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