My Favorite Gag Concert Gags!

I love humour and there is nothing that will make me laugh as much as Gag Concert does every week! I wanted to share with you all my favorite gags that are still airing. They’re only a couple of minutes long each but they will keep you laughing even after they’re over!

Here’s a little background info and a link to the show:

Gag Concert is a Korean comedy TV show and the oldest of South Korea’s current comedy programs. The show is recorded on Wednesdays and airs on Sundays. You can watch it through KBS’s YouTube channel with English subtitles behind the link!


Explosive Situation – 일촉즉발

“Your kissing up has set a fire in my heart.”

Explosive Situation is about army men stationed at the North/South border. On the North side we have Jang Gi Young and Yang Sang Goog and on the South side Kim Ki Youl and Jang He Chol, talentedly play the soldiers in sensitive situations.

The arising situations always have me laughing out loud! They boldly make fun of the differences between the two countries and have everyone enjoying the conversations between the soldiers.

Manly Men – 상남자들

Manly Men stars two of my favorite comedians; Seo Tae Hun and Kim Ki Youl.

Both guys have just broken up with their girlfriends and have a hard time moving on. They try to get comfort from each other and remain manly men, but utterly fail.

Break up is never easy but these guys know how to make good humor!

Like Family – 가족같은

An old couple, husband on wife number two, and they have a big, troubled family. What could go wrong when taking a family photo?

The answers is a lot could go wrong. This family is filled with problems; the wife is unable to move on from being wife number two, the oldest daughter is unmarried, their brother is the wife in their marriage, second son is the prodigal one, and the youngest is still in high school.

I can’t help but laugh every time they open their mouths. This is humour at its best!

Veteran – 베테랑

Veteran is a fun gag about a group of actors who put up shows with different sound effects each time.

What makes Veteran so funny is that every time the sound director has an accident and their maknae ends up playing the sounds. Being the youngest the music is not what its supposed to be…

Veteran has been running for a while but it still remains funny with its different story each time.

Catchphrase Makers – 유전자

Catchphrase Makers is where all of the comedians make their own catchphrases and show them in a different story each week.

Ryu Geun Ji’s “Did eating celery make you crazy? Did eating bellflower make you batty? Eat some ginger and get your head straight!” -catchphrase and his unforgettable dance still make me laugh every time I see them!

Honorable Mention

Did You See That Last Night? – 어제 그거 봤어?

Did You See That Last Night? was an amazing gag. Choi Hyo Jong and Kim Jeong Hun’s humor simple and directed at the things everyone comes in contact with! Super funny!

Unfortunately it hasn’t been on air for a couple of weeks now and I’m begging to lose hope that this amazing gag was cut short! If someone knows what happened, please tell me! No matter what Did You See That Last Night? remains among the best gags I’ve seen!


You can watch Gag Concert through KBS’s YouTube channel with English subtitles behind the link!

Did you enjoy the gags?

What are your favorite ones?



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