One More Happy Ending (한번 더 해피엔딩) Review

One More Happy Ending Review

This is a review of the drama and contains some minor spoilers. If you haven’t seen the drama or don’t wish to know any spoilers about its ending, I recommend you read my Currently Watching article.

We all deserve to be happy.

I can’t believe it’s already over! I fell in love with One More Happy Ending the moment the main characters got drunk and got -almost- married. Lol.

From the first moment they got together I thought that they were adorable! They didn’t hold back or try to act like ´adults´. They were having fun and it showed; I was grinning like an idiot most of the time these two were together.


Like most  drama couples these two had already met a long time ago. Jung Kyung Ho was amazing as Soo Hyeok. He was a loving father with a great relationship with his son. He was friendly, nice and polite towards everyone. He didn’t want to cause pain to anyone.

Jang Na Ra was just as good as Mi Mo. She was unusually innocent -if I can say that. Unlike some characters that writers try to sell as innocent, Mi Mo wasn’t annoying. By this I mean that she was innocent like a real person could be and she was still an adult woman that had been through a lot and knew what she needed (most of the time). Also points for the realistic cry scenes. No fake tears or slomo filming here. Real emotions.

Like I said already I enjoyed these together so much that when Mi Mo developed her crush on Hae Jun I was more than disappointed. I was thankful that Soo Hyeok didn’t give up no matter what. It did cause some problems but hey, no one is perfect.

One More Happy Ending 16.13

I loved the dramas’ ending; these two remained amazing together till the last seconds.

Then to the other couples.

One More Happy Ending 13.3

I’m not going to hide the fact that I love noona romances. I loved the romance between Dong Mi and Jung Woo. Despite their nine year age difference they were good together.

I would’ve loved if they had Jung Woo appear sooner in the drama and leave the awful fake boyfriend story away. My hear hurted for Dong Mi, and it was nice to see her find someone that really loved her. Still I needed more of the couple! The time they got together wasn’t enough!!!

One More Happy Ending 13.9

Well what to say about this couple. Da Jeong and Geon Hak were … I don’t know. I don’t really want to say bland, but that’s what they were. They went through a lot together; trouble having children, sickness, etc. and I liked them for going through it all together, but they didn’t raise any intense emotions within me.

I loved the friendship between these ladies and their coffee times when they gave each other advise and support!

Before we move on to the things I didn’t like about the show, let me point out one thing that bothered me during the show.

The lack of Min Woo. Soo Hyeok was a great father, I’m not denying that and the times he was with Min Woo were filled with their love and were cute, but the time he spent with Min Woo was very little in the show. He’s a single father and works for a living but getting home after 1 or two o’clock and leaving your son to take care of himself while you develop a romance……… I’m just nitpicking here, and of course they can’t show everything during the drama but I wished he was a little more involved.

Oh well, moving on.


Thank you, that was my expression everytime I saw these two (or just one of them).

Goo Hae Jun and Woo Yeon Soo. I didn’t like you. Sorry but there’s not helping it.

Like I already said in the CW: Hae Jun is a quiet and stiff character. There is nothing about him that makes me like him as a second male lead. His face is still and the way he “loves” Mi Mo was a little odd. He just made weird jokes and smiled to himself. He never really made me (or Mi Mo) feel like he loved or even liked her.

Then his ex-wife. I’m not gonna show any mercy to you either. Yeon Soo was just as stiff and she had an odd lingering attachment to Hae Jun. The only times she showed it was when she confessed to him. Otherwise, I didn’t see any emotions in her either.

Every drama has its amazing points and the ones that make you roll your eyes -there’s just no helping it. No matter this drama’s weaker points (pointing at the doctor couple I just mentioned) I loved One More Happy Ending. It made me wish I would have a Soo Hyeok of my own and it made me laugh; just what I want from a romantic comedy.

A little bit more of Soo Hyeok for the road ❤


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