Currently Watching; The Lover

A show that could never be shown on KBS.

“A man and a woman living together isn’t as romantic as you’d imagine. In movies, there are many scenes that are not included.”

The Lover is a drama from 2015 that doesn’t shy away from age differences, premarital sex, toilet scenes, sex talk, troubles, or differences. The drama is about four different couples who live together.

Apartment 610

Jeong Yeong Jun (Jung Joon Young) is an unemployed musician who dreams of not being a rookie. He’s dating Choi Jin Nyeo (Choi Yeo Jin) or Man Goo as he calls her, who is twelve years older than him. (A noona romance yey!) The couple has been living together for a year.

Yeong Jun is a guy who takes nothing seriously. What ever he does, it makes the watcher laugh. He has a one of a kind personality. He honestly loves Man Goo and she him. Man Goo takes care of him, stands his childishness and loves despite everything.

Apartment 709

Lee Jun Jae (Lee Jae Joon) is a loner who doesn’t really like people or crowded places. When he is forced to take on a roommate for financial reasons, Takuya (Terada Takuya), a Japanese traveller, shows up at his door.

Slowly these two start getting closer and love blossoms.

The two guys are different; one quiet and reserved, the other talkative and out going. Somehow, they balance each other. Their (b)romance is something that continuously produces hilarious scenes and misunderstandings between the two and the other couples living at the same apartment complex. Prepare to fall in love with these guys!

Apartment 609

Oh Do Si (Oh Jung Se) is a voice actor, his girlfriend Ryu Du Ri (Ryu Hyun Kyung) is a blogger. They decided to just live together instead of getting married.

After being together and living together for a long time Do Si and Du Ri are more than comfortable with each other.

The couple is filled with the comfortability years bring but still they are sweet together.

Apartment 501

Park Hwan Jong (Park Jong Hwan) and Ha Seol Eun (Ha Eun Seol) have just moved in together after dating only three months. The two are thinking of getting married, but living together sometimes reveals more to the other person than one would hope…


What is best about this drama is its diversity. The couples are all so different; a noona romance, a (b)romance, an ‘older’ couple, and a couple that just got together. The drama is brave and funny. All of the twelve episodes are filled with the couples facing different problems, solving and overcoming them together -without forgetting to be hilarious in the process. We don’t have any of the drama clichés; everything is fresh and new!

I promise you, you won’t be disappointed and will laugh until your stomach hurts!



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