Currently Watching; Marriage Contract (결혼계약)

Kang Hye Soo (Uee) -a woman who raises her child alone after her husband died. She is knee-deep in debt and learns that she has a brain tumour.

Han Ji Hoon (Lee Seo Jin) -a man whose mother is dying and needs a transplant. He decides to find a fake wife who can be the donor.

Ji Hoon & Hye Soo


Yeah, that’s a very “natural” smile…

I don’t think there is chemistry between the two leads and I can’t find the romance! Where is it?

Cha Eun Sung (Shin Rin Ah) plays Hye Soo’s daughter. She is the cutest thing in this drama. She is very smart for her age and realistic -she doesn’t get bought off by a few toys but demands attention and love.

Kim Kwang Gyu is Park Ho Joon. Ji Hoon’s only friend (?) and works at his restaurant. The relationship between the two is complicated; sometimes it seems that they’re good frineds but their boss-underling situation always plays into their friendship.

Kim Yoo Ri, weren’t the cousins from Kill Me, Heal Me enough for you? Apparently not, as she after half brothers in this one….

Seo Na Yoon (Kim Yoo Ri) is Ji Hoon’s ex. Now she comes back after getting engaged with his brother but starts chasing Ji Hoon again.

If you are looking for a light romantic comedy this is not it. Although the drama’s base is the marriage contract it focuses much more on sickness and family relationships. The drama specialises in crying scenes! There are so many that I’m skipping them.

The characters aren’t developing; they have troubles and they somehow seem to make it through them without anything changing. There is no romance, the characters repeat the same lines and thoughts. It is getting tiring, please, please move on.

As always with a contract marriages we get disapproving parents. Here, the parents are not the only horrible people. Na Yoon is driving me crazy, Hye Soo keeps crying, and Ji Hoon’s family is just plain horrible.

As a conclusion, I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish this. I wanted a rom-com with a contract marriage but ended up getting depression. I’ll check out the next few episodes but we have already hit the halfway mark without changes for the better….


What are your thoughts on Marriage Contract? Do you like it or find it depressing like I do?


2 thoughts on “Currently Watching; Marriage Contract (결혼계약)

    1. No one can argue about tastes. I’m glad you liked it, there are a lot of dramas that some love but some don’t; this falls into that category. Personally I dropped it but I always like to give a drama a try.

      Thank you for reading my blog and please continue to read it and share your views! I love when I get to hear what others are thinking! 🙂

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