Currently Watching; Vampire Detective (뱀파이어 탐정)

“Darkness exists wherever humans exist. Darkness swallows light, and slowly eats away at the human soul. Perhaps the new me is no longer me.”

The drama follows private detectives Yoon San, Goo Hyung and Gyeo Wool, who later becomes part of the team. Yoon San is hunting an old enemy/loved one, but while on a case he becomes a vampire.

The brilliant Lee Joon is Yoon San. He was a police officer but quit after being shot while working undercover by his girlfriend. The only explanation he got was; “I’m sorry.”

He assumed the she died at the explosion that happened but learns that she is very much alive and involved with everything that can be called illegal.

A transformed Yoon San. Slowly he starts realizing what has happened to him.

Yong Goo Hyung (Oh Jung Se from The Lover) is Yoon San’s partner. Goo Hyung takes care of Yoon San like they were real brothers.


Han Gyeo Wool (Lee Se Young) is a self-appointed addition to the team. She is a little rough around the edges; she breaks into people’s houses, is good at hacking, speaks roughly and doesn’t hesitate to fight.

I like Goo Hyung and Gyeo Wool’s characters a lot. They are bringing more into the drama than the main character so far. They provided both humour and support and, at least to me, are very likable characters. Gyeo Wool’s spunk is so amazing I hope they will give her more air time as the drama progresses.


Vampire Detective is off to an interesting start. The characters are intriguing, even though the back story with Yoon San and his ex-girlfriend is not that original or interesting. The team gets a new, dark and mysterious case every episode, and I’m excited to see how the characters are going to develop.The only problem is that we are only given one episode per week; it looks like patience is needed here!


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