Iconic OST Songs Pt.1

We all have that list of songs that are able to bring back all the sweet memories from our favorite dramas. We play them on repeat until we can sing the lyrics in our sleep.

I’ll let you in on the songs that I think are the best OST songs out there. I’m not talking about the songs that get stuck in your head and annoy you like nothing else; Love is the moment…. (Don’t kid yourself, we all sang that…) The songs in this list are from amazing dramas (at least I think so) and even from that 3 minutes they can make me relive the drama and always make me smile, no matter how inappropriate the place may be.

Secret Garden

Bois – Scar

Secret Garden is a kdrama classic. The relationship between Kim Joo Won and Gil Ra Im is realistic even though the drama is about body switching.

Scar is a song I play on repeat every once in a while. I can never seem to get tired of it. It captures the story of the drama, but also captures its listener with its amazing, painful yet beautiful lyrics and singing.

Kill Me, Heal Me

Jang Jae In – Auditory Hallucinations

Like Kill Me, Heal Me wasn’t epic enough as it was, they went and added a song like this to its OST.

Auditory Hallucinations, a song with pieces from each one of Cha Do Hyeon’s personalities; sweetness, heartbreak, roughness, fragile beauty, wit and more, this song again manages to squeeze the whole drama into a couple of minutes. The lyrics, sound, the whole deal makes a chart topper.

Descendants of the Sun

Kim Na Young & Mad Clown – Once Again (다시 너를)

There is no Descendants of the Sun without this song. I waited for this song to be released since it played as a background music for Seo Dae Yeong and Kim Ji Won. It stole my heart away the moment I heard it and didn’t return it.

Mad Clown’s rap and Kim Na Young’s sweet yet powerful voice along with the lyrics to make anyone more than a little emotional are enough to make this song one of the best OST songs ever.

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High-end Crush

Inkii – Catch Me

I loooovveeed High-end Crush. Especially Jung Il Woo as Choi Se Hoon stole my heart completely away. As did this song from the OST. It took me forever to find this song but after I did I played it like there was nothing else.

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