Iconic OST Songs Pt. 2

Let’s continue my list of amazing OST songs! This part is going to be a little longer since the dramas on this list don’t all have just one amazing song, but two; all the more fangirling (or boying) for us to do!


A Gentleman’s Dignity

Lee Jong Hyun – My Love

A Gentleman’s Dignity was a hilarious series. All the characters (especially the four goofy main friends, were thought through, touching and funny. I can’t forget how they tried to stop smoking… (still laughing!)

Lee Jong Hyun (from CNBlue) along with Kim Woo Bin, also acts in the series. Lee Jong Hyun’s My Love is a catching and sweet song that captures you.

The Master’s Sun

T Yoon Mi Rae (윤미래) – Touch Love

Master’s Sun not only stars two of my favorite actors; So Ji Sub and as her love interest Gong Hyo Jin. I also loved the series.

Yoon Mi Rae’s Touch Love is a heart breaking song. Her amazing voice and the soft music make a song that you can’t help scream, I mean sing along to.

Melody Day – All About

Also from the Master’s Sun OST, All About is almost the opposite of Touch Love. It’s a love song made for the moments you can’t contain your love for your oppa! It’s cheery melody and wonderful lyrics will get stuck in your head. You have been warned.

It’s Ok, It’s Love

Chen (EXO) – Best Luck (최고의 행운)

It’s Ok, It’s Love’s OST was filled with amazing songs. Chen’s Best Luck is one of the best. His voice and the simple, yet sweet lyrics make this song irresistible.

Hong Dae Kwang – I Feel You

Another song that is without a peer. I love the guitar and Hong Dae Kwang’s playful and lovable lyrics.

Cheese In the Trap

Tearliner ft. Kim Go Eun – 이끌림

Cheese in the Trap is one of my favorite dramas, mostly due to the amazing character Yoo Jung Sunbae was, but the drama and Kim Go Eun (who plays Seol, the female lead) sang this sweet song with her fragile voice. Her voice fits this song amazingly well and just conveys the uncertainty her and Sunbae’s relationship had.

Bridal Mask

Lee Jung Hyun & Joo Won – Judgement Day

Judgement Day is on this list not only because it is a good song, but because it’s so different from the usual OST songs. Who would’ve thought to combine an electric guitar and opera like singing in a historical drama? Anyway, the combo works, and makes a memorable OST song. I especially love Joo Won’s singing (who by the way did an amazing job acting as Kang To in Bridal Mask).

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