Poison Berry in My Brain


Ichiko is a starting writer. When se meets Saotome she falls in love with him. Ichiko has 5 different characters inside her mind who make her decisions for her; Ikeda is a pessimist who always looks at the worst things, Ishibashi is a cute optimist, a let’s go for it type of man, Hatoko is a child with simple desires, Yoshida is the speaker, and Kishi only records memories.



This would be just another romance movie if it wasn’t for the meetings and the people, who represent her thoughts, in this movie.


Deep silence. There was just no one that catched my eye.


I don’t have a good reason why you should watch this movie. If you like Japanese movies you may like this one. I thought that the end made the whole movie pointless.

I started this movie because the idea of these five characters making her decisions was interesting. Too bad that it fell apart because of the boring plot. There was nothing new in it and frankly, the ending just made the whole 2 hour movie pointless for me. Well, Ikeda was cute but that’s the only thing this movie had to offer.



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