Prophecy (Yokokuhan)


Suddenly there are videos of a man who hides his face behind a newspaper uploaded on the internet. On his videos he predicts a crime or a punishment that is going to happen the next day -a punishment he is going to deliver. But what’s his ultimate goal?


The amazing cast. Ikuta Toma is perfect as the main lead and the other characters were great in their roles.


When I first found this movie I was super excited about it. I hadn’t read the manga, but the plot seemed interesting. Now having seen it I’m slightly disappointed. The reason why he was choosing to punish these people was left vague until the end. Also, the stories behind the humans in this movie are almost painful. They’re all about feeling alone, betrayed, lost, useless. They have no reason to live, so they are willing to use their lives for a goal that seems odd.


Like I said Ikuta Toma and the rest of his gang were great. I was left cold by Toda Erika; she just seemed too robotic as the police officer chasing after him.


I don’t regret watching Yokokuhan but I won’t watch it again either. To me it seemed like the plot and the scenes in this movie were not thought through. There could have been more to give us a better look at why the gang decided to act the way they did.


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