Currently Watching; My Amazing Boyfriend

My Amazing Boyfriend is a currently airing Chinese drama with 28 about 40 minutes long episodes.

The drama is about Xue Ling Qiao (Kim Tae Hwan) who was awakened after centuries of sleep by the extremely unlucky actress Tian Jing Zhi (Wu Janice). Now that Ling Qiao is awake he wants to find the person who tried to kill him. After saving Jing Zhi’s life he becomes connected to her and forces and cons himself to live in her house. Can they find their enemies and is there possible romance coming their way..?

Ling Qiao is playfully called a monster by Jin Zhi. In reality he is a mutant who has survived centuries without aging by only eating liquid food.

This is how I would look too after sleeping in a coffin for a hundred years.

Ling Qiao also has special abilities; he can jump high (it’s not flying if we go by his words…), he has super hearing, he’s extremely intelligent (not sure if that’s a super power but I listed it anyway), can heal himself in no time, and can save and heal someone else by giving them his blood. He also saves Jing Zhi by using this method but the trick is that he can only control the blood flow on his tongue because of his super healing abilities. Cue the kiss scene.

After sharing blood Jing Zhi and Ling Qiao are able to feel sudden changes in each others feelings, for example fear, and feel their heartbeat and how close they are to each other.

Ling Qiao is a quiet character. He doesn’t seem to worry much, but he does think and study more than enough to make up for that.

Jing Zhi. Wow, almost the opposite of Ling Qiao. She is an outgoing actress with a loud voice and face that shows her emotions.

She provides a lot of comical moments to this drama with her personality. She is fun and enjoyable to watch.

Even though at first she is extremely suspicious of Ling Qiao she starts to trust him, help him and asks him to continue staying in her house. Yes, he provided a little scheme to help his goal with that but they’re so fun and cute together I’ll forgive him.

The two main characters balance each other out. Where Ling Qiao is so quiet Jing Zhi is so outgoing that I give praise to the writer to be able to balance them so well. They give each other enough space to be who they are but at the same time add to the other; this makes every scene interesting and has me waiting what Jing Zhi is going to do next. Her character is cute and her little tantrums are too.

At first the drama’s plot seemed a lot like My Love From the Stars but after watching it it’s not. Yes there are similarities and clichés in this drama too (pretending to be lovers, living together and then falling in love, etc.) but this drama has still managed to stay fresh. It gives me the feeling of watching something new instead of re-watching the same scenes but with different actors.

My Amazing Boyfriend is a delightful drama. It’s episodes are not long but we get many of them a week. I can recommend this drama to anyone; it’s mixture of humour and sweet, slowly blooming romance and the main characters’ character and impact make this a fun drama to watch.



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