My Love Story!! / Ore Monogatari!!


Takeo is a big guy. He is often called an old man or a gorilla behind his back. His best friend is the popular Sunakawa. One day as usual Takeo saves a damsel in distress but what happens when the two fall in love? Can they confess their feelings?


If you liked the original manga or like Japanese live actions this is a movie for you.


Was a normal live action one. I liked the idea of Takeo being an unusually big and scary man. They didn’t succeed completely but it was fun for a while.


Hands up for Suzuki Ryohei as Takeo. If i didn’t know it was him I probably wouldn’t have recognised him. His expressions were priceless.


In the end My Love Story wasn’t anything special. Once in a while I like watching a Japanese live action. They have a completely different plot and progress to them. As a live action it was good and, like usual, made me both smile and frustrated.

I loved the epilogue after the end credits; it made me laugh more than anything else in the movie!


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