Iconic OST Songs Pt. 3

Already in part three! This time I thought I would list the songs that were amazing, but the drama was a major disappointment for me.


She’s So Lovable

Kim Tae Woo – I only want you(너 하나만)

This drama starred Rain and Krystal, but it was a horrible nightmare for me. The only thing I liked about this awful attempt of a drama was this song.


Big Bang – Hallelujah

I’ll be honest; I fast forwarded this drama and only watched T.O.P’s scenes. He and this song were the only tolerable things about this drama. I absolutely love love love this song.


Jang Hye Jin & MC Sniper – Bad Person (나쁜 사람)

I’m not a Lee Min Ho fan. He’s an okay actor and this drama was ok. I watched it but won’t ever feel the need to watch it again. This song, however, is sweet and MC Sniper’s rap is rough in a way that it balances this song perfectly. A great song.

Choco Bank

Han All – A Walk (길을 걷다)

Like I said in my review I had hopes for this drama. They were not filled. Still, I was somewhat surprised that they had a sweet song like this in their OST.

This is it for now but stay tuned for more great OST songs!

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